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The explosion of digital technology—with its maze of networks, data, and algorithms—has left in its wake existing laws and policies that are often outmatched or outdated. The consequences can be as personal as identity theft or as global as election fraud. Pitt’s David Hickton knows what it takes to find solutions.
2019-07-25 00:00:00
Graham Hatfull looks at a petri dish

Phage Hunters

Graham Hatfull and his team at Pitt study phages—viruses that stalk bacteria. They didn’t expect to use those viruses in an unprecedented attempt to save the lives of two young patients on the other side of the world.
Tracy Floyd (left) and Carla Jackson meet up in the Cathedral of Learning during Homecoming week.

Second Chance

A longtime acquaintance became a lifesaving friend.
Jenna Baron in front of one of Pittsburgh's many bridges

Welcome Home

For immigrant and refugee children settling in the United States, a new way of life can feel very foreign. Pitt alumna Jenna Baron is finding ways to make them feel that they're truly where they belong.
Justin Kitzes
Extra Credit

Listening In

A techy take on ecology offers fresh insight into the animal kingdom.
Janine Krippner collects sediment samples at volcano site.

Volcano Pro

A volcanologist and Pitt alumna reaches explosive heights.
Costas Karakatsanis stands next to and discusses the 18th-century painting Shepard Boy with Recording at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh.

Day Restored

To revive a masterpiece, an art aficionado reveals its hidden history.
Sharon G. Flake on the first floor of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Main's building, holding a blow-up of the cover of The Skin I'm In.

Beyond Skin Deep

Sharon G. Flake's acclaimed story of self-acceptance turns 20.
Paul Scolari in the Quarry Exhibit Hall, also called the "wall of bones," at Dinosaur National Monument
Pitt Chat

Pitt Chat with Paul Scolari

In a remote corner of the American West, a Pitt alumnus lives and works in the shadows of dinosaurs.
Louis J. Fox dressed in Pitt blue and gold


Louis Fox works toward a future without blindness.
Fall 2019