Change Agents

An ambitious young man left his native South Korea to attend Pitt, where he found a wealth of knowledge and new ideas. What he brought home helped him transform his country. He wasn’t the only one.
2018-01-19 00:00:00
Dean Paul Cohen
Pitt Proud

Model School

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher talks to Dean Paul Cohen about modeling the world's systems in search of answers.
Carleton Gholz

Sound Effects

A music buff works to conserve Detroit's music history one song—or story—at a time.
SHREC's STP-H5 computer on the International Space Station.
Extra Credit

Cosmic Computing

A new Pitt center is focused on building computers that survive and thrive in space.

Art's Work

A national award-winning poet creates art to find a different kind of truth.

Courting Victory

A wheelchair tennis star finds fulfillment on the court.
Anne Keenan

Book Smarts

Raising the literary bar for disadvantaged youth.
Renée Lyszka Lisse as a little girl.

Living Memory

After his wife’s death, Keith Sachs keeps her mission alive.
third grade student at Almost Authors points to welcome sign on whiteboard with pencil

Q&A: Write Stuff

Julie Albright encourages the youngest of minds to put their thoughts to paper.

Smart Spaces

Pitt is full of classrooms, lecture halls, and other spaces that are specially designed and equipped to help students and faculty approach education in fresh and imaginative ways.
Winter 2018