Come to Life

Once upon a mid-semester morning, a group of Pitt students set out on a quest to share something special with the greater Pittsburgh community: the magic of imagination.
2018-12-20 15:25:45
Lynn Mirigian sits in the Technical Assistance Center's Baum Boulevard office.

Beyond the Numbers

As the nation grapples with the deadly opioid crisis, an innovative center at Pitt’s School of Pharmacy takes a fresh approach to saving lives.
Joseph Kannarkat and Chancellor Patrick Gallagher,in the Chancllor's office in the Cathedral of Learning.
Pitt Proud

Paying It Forward

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher talks about a new Pitt program shaking up higher education financing and connecting students with alumni.
Emily Monroe helps a young boy with his English reading skills.

Home Care

A Pitt grad helps Honduran families stick together.
Geo Bivins sits in the RCA headquarters in New York City, with RCA records in background

Following the Music

How a mill worker’s son became the promoter behind some of the biggest names in hip-hop—and how he’s opening doors for Pitt students.
Sarah Menkedick

Creation Story

A well-traveled writer embarks on a different kind of journey.
Kirk Savage stands in Allegheny cemetery, where he has previously conducted research on representations of race in monuments.
Extra Credit

Monuments Man

Professor Kirk Savage explores the complex dynamics behind America’s public memorials.
Jessica Ruffin

Listen Up

Lending an ear, empowering others.
Ventura, left, with an old friend looking at a photo album

Full Circle

Retracing the steps to a meaningful experience.
Portrait of Karl Lewis

Lasting Impact

A retired Pitt professor’s legacy enables the success of new generations of engineers.
Winter 2019