When a mysterious illness suddenly emerged in his Brazilian hometown, Pitt Public Health researcher Ernesto T.A. Marques mobilized with colleagues to decode its unknowns. The work may help infectious-disease researchers stop or stall new epidemics.
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Lives of a Poet

The creative journey of Yona Harvey, a poet and Pitt English professor, spans decades and melds literature, community, and even comic books. It all begins in a little pink room in Mount Healthy, Ohio.
Jesse Irwin

Pitt Tonight and Tomorrow

Undergraduate Jesse Irwin, a film studies major, figured out his dream job: late-night talk show host. He just needed an actual show—with writers, a house band, cameras, guests. Welcome to Pitt Tonight.
The human brain, represented in colorful fibers
Extra Credit

Uniquely Brainy

Research reveals a whole new way to view the brain—and ourselves.
Irina Reyn

Women at Work

Two women living centuries and continents apart find common ground in a Pitt professor's work of historical fiction.
Jennifer Cope

Uncommon Expert

Zooming in on a tiny (and potentially deadly) ameba.
J.S. "Woody" Chandler dressed as Brother Woody of the Order of Disorder

Hop to It

Keeping tabs on beer disciple's travels across brew nation.
Wooden Mexican masks on display

Face to Face

Bryan Stevens unmasks the traditions behind ancient artisanal artifacts.
Tom Getty handles a movie camera on set


For Tom Getty, filmmaking is its own adventure.
Rocco is sworn in in her police dress uniform, her left hand raised

On Purpose

Therese Rocco broke barriers in Pittsburgh's Police force.
Jeff Gleim with Pitt alumna Lisa Golden in Harrisburg

Capital Idea

Updates from the Pitt Alumni Association
Summer 2017