Summer 2017

Capital Idea

Updates from the Pitt Alumni Association

Every year, several hundred Pitt alumni, students, faculty, and staff board buses in the early morning hours to travel from five Pitt campuses to the state capital for Pitt Day in Harrisburg. Pennsylvania lawmakers, who decide the amount of the state’s appropriation to the University each year, listen to our advocates and learn how important Pitt is to their constituents and to the region. And our top advocate, Chancellor Pat Gallagher, reminds our elected officials about the tremendously positive impact the University has statewide. For example, Pitt contributes $3.9 billion to our economy annually, giving Pennsylvania a $26 return for each appropriation dollar received. If you’re interest in receiving Pitt’s legislative updates or becoming a Pitt Advocate, please visit

—Jeff Gleim, Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations and Executive Director, Pitt Alumni Association


Scrapbook: Hello, Boston!

By Joe Miksch

In February, Pitt senior leaders, staff, and faculty traveled to Boston to connect with alumni, meet perspective students and their parents, gather with high school guidance counselors, deepen research partnerships, and spotlight Pitt innovations for audiences at MIT and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council. The trip—which featured Pitt vs. Boston College basketball matchup—prominently showcased the University of Pittsburgh as the #1 public university in the Northeast, according to a Wall Street Journal ranking.

The Pitt in Boston awareness campaign reached subscribers of the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, 1.5 million listeners of National Public Radio affiliate WBUR, and more than 3 million airline passengers moving through Logan International Airport. Activity on social media resulted in 1.3 million impressions around the event.

Pitt’s presence in Boston—home to about 4,000 alumni in the area (and another 3,000 in New England)—further raised Pitt’s profile as a leading national university and a choice destination for education, research, partnership, and innovation.


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This article appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of Pitt Magazine.