Beyond the Shot

With the pandemic continuing to take a toll on the world's health, we all dream about a safe, new normal. For that to happen, science must come to the rescue by discovering and perfecting treatments, in addition to creating vaccines. Fortunately, Pitt researchers are making remarkable progress on several fronts.
2021-03-28 00:00:00
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Travel On

With her long-held love of languages and culture, Pitt alumna Kim Haas explores the Afro-Latino Caribbean.
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This Is Kay Oyegun

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. But for alumna Kay Oyegun, sometimes life becomes fiction. As a writer of the beloved TV show "This Is Us," Oyegun has helped to create authentic characters and spellbinding storylines grown from her own experiences. The result: critical acclaim and more demand than ever to share her voice.
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Happy Thoughts

What really makes people happy? One Pitt grad criss-crossed the continent to find answers.
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Extra Credit

Model Behavior

Pitt researcher Carla Ng is uncovering the dangers of 'forever chemicals.'
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Pitt students are learning in prison, through an innovative program, alongside the incarcerated. Professors and others feel the interaction provides a freeing of the mind, which is at the heart of change for individuals and society, too.
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It’s OK

Alissa Carpenter’s business helps people cope with life’s ups and downs.
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Lost and Found

Joel Dumba honors his roots by aiding families in need.
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Work of Art

Pitt Law alumna uses creativity to strengthen schools in India.
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Guiding Light

Three generations of Pitt women pass on the Light of Learning.
Spring 2021