Crowning Achievements

Growing up, Victoria Chuah imagined she could be anything. Now, with two Pitt degrees (and a crown), she’s living the dream and then some.
Commons Room

Rainbow Bright

Lavender Graduation honors pride, accomplishments of Pitt’s LGBTQIA+ seniors.
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Good Sports

Japanese students studying at Pitt have a ball at PNC Park.
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Birds of a Feather

Pitt’s bird-watching club goes into the woods to find nature and themselves.
Pitt Band playing at a Pitt Panthers football game

We’re With the Band

After more than 110 years, the Varsity Marching Band is still raising spirits and revving up crowds. But you don’t have to be at the big game to see how impactful Pitt Band can be. Just ask its alumni.
A portrait of Stout

Go With the Flow

After a mix-up leads Janet Stout to her true calling at Pitt, a discovery changes her life and the health of countless others.
Kelechi Urama smiling with coffee and a laptop in front of her
Pitt Chat

Laugh It Off

Comedy writer Kelechi Urama knows what it takes to write a good joke and why humor helps, even in hard times.

Preventative Measures

What if you could prevent cancer from ever developing with something as simple as a shot? Olivera Finn, a renowned Pitt immunologist, is conducting groundbreaking research to bring us closer to a cancer vaccine reality.
Extra Credit

Lake Effects

A geologist finds climate change insight in 700,000 years’ worth of sediment.
Daniel McCloskey sitting and reading; dog beside him

Strange Draw

How a "weird kid" grew up to find his niche in the weird world of graphic novels.

Honor Role

Alumnus David Frederick’s multimillion-dollar gift will benefit students and connect Pitt to the University of Oxford.
Person on an electric scooter

Plugged In

This alumnus is helping improve the world with two wheels, one plug and a lot of environmentally friendly appeal.
Fireworks going off at the Cathedral of Learning

Join In, Young and All

The Young Alumni Network, Distinguished Alumni Awards and more: Updates from the Pitt Alumni Association.
Chancellor Patrick Gallagher

Built for Excellence

What’s new on and around campus? A lot. Chancellor Patrick Gallagher delves into the exciting building projects that promise to be transformational.
Andi Thieman

Pennies from Helpers

Andi Thieman's initiative is making charitable giving easier than ever.

An Animated Life

How alumnus David Romani II uses storytelling and visual art to explore tough topics.
Doris Felman

Top Secrets

Doris Felman's math and science skills helped to power one of the world's first nuclear submarines. She didn't stop there.
Young woman with short, light-brown hair and white coat with lapels stands with arms crossed in front of glass panels on sidewalk.

In Demand

The national need for well-trained nurses is as serious as ever. Students and graduates of Pitt’s School of Nursing are, as always, rising to the occasion.
2022-10-04 00:00:00
Fall 2022