Out of Afghanistan

When Afghanistan’s government collapsed last summer, thousands of lives there were suddenly at risk. Amid the turmoil, Pitt professor Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili and a team of students led a charge to help Afghans desperate to escape.
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Pitt alumna Katy Nesbitt was following an ascendant career path as a chemist. While she was following the bouncing ball, her life sprinted off in a unique, award-winning direction.
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Commons Room

Garden of Ideas

One University initiative elevates and celebrates Black experiences.
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It’s Tradition

A campus-wide scavenger hunt connects a new generation of students to Pitt’s heritage.
Faces from the past
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From the Beginning

Pitt-Bradford's earliest alumni reunite and reminisce on how far they—and their campus—have come.
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More Than OK

Hard work — and giving back — allowed this alumnus to build a life of influence.
J. Bradley Minnick and Mary Ellen Kubik in the studio at 89.1FM KUAR

Southern Charm

Lesser-known and underappreciated artists are given room to shine on these alumni’s popular podcast.
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Law and Order

A Pitt alumna helms the fight against human trafficking in Nigeria.
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You’ve Been Scene

For years, alumni have been taking Pitt Mag along as they travel the world. Now, our interactive map lets you see how far and wide Pitt pride goes.
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Age Appropriate

Through her debut novel, Pitt alumna Mariko Turk navigates the agelessness of YA literature.
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Extra Credit

Tough Cells

A flu expert’s research tackles the current pandemic — and the next one, too.
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Bridging the Divide

A Pakistan-based Pitt computer science alumnus is working toward a more equitable internet.
Ken Gormley works on edits to his novel "The Heiress of Pittsburgh" at his home office.
Web Exclusive

Storied Endeavor

Ken Gormley, a Pitt alumnus and Duquesne University’s president, has a new job title: novelist.
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