In Demand

With a still-simmering pandemic, an aging population and more than a million expected to retire from the profession over the next decade, the national need for well-trained nurses is as serious as ever. Students and graduates of Pitt’s School of Nursing are, as always, rising to the occasion.
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Live, Love, Lacrosse

With its inaugural season, Pitt’s women’s lacrosse team brought excitement, community and a winning spirit.
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Time to Change

The Pitt Time Capsule project shows how transformational college can be.
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You’re the Boss

Pitt business students have the opportunity to start their futures early as with big cups of real-world experience.
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Energy Exchange

The head of the Nuclear Energy Agency, a Pitt alumnus, wants bright futures in science and tech to be more accessible to all.
White man with curly hair and beard, wearing navy blue polo that reads "Conturo Prototyping," stands in his company's machine shop, with boxy machinery, old warehouse windows and computer screens in background.

Make and Model

How alumnus John Conturo’s prototyping and manufacturing company is turning good ideas into even better realities.
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Grow Forth and Prosper

Urban agriculture nonprofit leader Denele Hughson dishes the dirt on making the most of your summer garden.
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Real Returns

A small business's success or failure can depend on a few key decisions. That's where Pitt’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, led by Robert Stein, steps in.
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Patient Care

A nursing alumna got cancer — and a whole new perspective on the health care system.
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Raise Your Voice

Pitt Chancellor Patrick Gallagher discusses what it would mean to families, students and Pennsylvania to lose a vital tuition benefit — and what you can do to help.
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A Tribe of Four

By supporting each other through high school, college and beyond, a group of young men learns the positives of shared success.
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Progress, in Progress

A letter from Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations Nancy Merritt about the next president of the Pitt Alumni Association.
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Punching Through

When Brian Broome was forced to give up writing, he lost much more than a calling. Finding his words again brought him joy — and much more.
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Good Neighbors

Pitt grads are tightly woven into the fabric of Pennsylvania, creating jobs, meeting needs and making the commonwealth better for all.
Glossy photo school ID from 1979 for Melvin R Currie, student, with his signature

Character Building

Pitt alumnus and mathematician Mel Currie tells a story more than 40 years in the making.
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Spring 2022