Forward Strides

As Patrick Gallagher prepares to step down this summer as Pitt’s 18th chancellor, we reflect on a tenure spent championing the transformational work of a university on the rise.
An illustration of a Cathedral of Learning-shaped microscope looking at a person in a bed
Commons Room

Lab Lessons

A collaboration between a Pitt PhD student and a high school intern turns personal pain into scientific discovery.
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Commons Room

In Formation

Pitt’s Black majorette dance troupe is making all the right moves.
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Commons Room

Time to Shine

The Understory, the University’s newest creative space, puts performers in the spotlight.
Jose Manduley
Web Exclusive

Return Engagement

Nearly 50 years ago, Jose Manduley missed his Pitt graduation. This spring, Pitt’s School of Education helped give him a do-over.
Darcy with four muppets

Behind the Scene

Darcy Prevost turned an early aptitude for art into an award-winning career in set design, including a dream gig on the Disney+ hit “Muppets Haunted Mansion."
Rachel Bezanson
Extra Credit

A Shot in the Dark

Pitt researchers are using the James Webb Space Telescope to shed light on the invisible corners of our universe.
Thaddeus Mosley perches one leg on a wood slab while surrounded by cherry and walnut sculptures
Pitt Chat

Wood Work

Thaddeus Mosley, who has been creating art for more than 60 years, shares his secrets to living a creative life.
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Decoding the Data

Algorithms can help you search the internet, find a date — even get through a red light. But inequality can seep in. Pitt Cyber’s Beth Schwanke is helping to ward off government bias from an unlikely perpetrator: data.
Ava the American toad sits in hands

Toad-ally Dedicated

A Pitt-Johnstown alumnus is jump-starting local conservation efforts for the benefit of amphibian-kind.
Sara Klein stands in a black NYU shirt and white jacket against a purple wall

Creative Content

A daytime television insider credits Pitt with putting her on the road to her entertainment dreams.
Cofer leans on a kitchen counter

New Horizons

An alumnus finds fulfillment in bolstering homeownership and equity through modular housing.
Cohen points up at a high dive over a swimming pool

Jump In

Pitt gave Harvey Cohen the opportunity, preparation and motivation to dive into a successful career and, later, meaningful philanthropy.
Ian MacFawn smiles while riding his bicycle

Tour de Force

This summer, a Pitt postdoc will take his cancer-fighting efforts out of the lab and into the streets to embark on an epic 2,000-mile bike ride through France that’s funding leukemia research.
A black and white portrait of Cole Arthur Riley

Sacred Stories

An alumna honors the divinity and spirituality of Black life.
Tulips in front of Litchfield Towers

Friends Forever

When you throw strangers into a room and ask them to get along, sometimes you get mayhem and sometimes you get magic. These are the magical stories — tales of Pitt roommates whose friendships have stood the test of time, distance and lots and lots of life changes.
2023-04-20 00:00:00
Hands on a laptop

Game Plan

Pitt mentorships can help put aspirations on the road to achievement.
Spring 2023