They Came to Play

Which Panthers athletic program has seen the most success over the past 10 years? Pitt volleyball. The team has garnered four ACC championships, back-to-back Final Four appearances and maybe — someday soon — a national championship.
2023-09-05 00:00:00
A person swims in a pool underwater

Familiar Waters

Sixty years ago, Georgia McDaniel pioneered Pitt’s first women’s swim team. She hasn’t stayed out of the water since.
people taking a selfie

Great Adventure

Recent graduate Mollie Foladare is following in her father's footsteps — all the way to Ecuador.
Aleeza Ben Shalom

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

How Netflix star and Pitt alumna Aleeza Ben Shalom helps clients find lasting love.
A self-portrait of Wilson

August Wilson’s World

The playwright’s work is renowned for embodying key elements of 20th-century America. His actual life — in which Pittsburgh was centerstage — did too, which is why Kornelia Tancheva felt there was no better home than Pitt for his works.
An archival photo of Yamatani and his brother as young boys with their mother and father.

Moving Through

A grandfather’s advice helped alumnus and retired Pitt professor Hide Yamatani find harmony amid upheaval.
An illustration of Kaijage

Compassion in Action

Theresa Kaijage used her social work skills and empathy to trailblaze support systems for people with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.
Pascoal in front of brain scans
Extra Credit

Advancing Against Alzheimer’s

Pitt Researchers have identified a new culprit in Alzheimer’s progression — a development that could help change the prevention and treatment of the disease.
Alumni award medals lay on a table

Top Alumni Awards

Recipients honored for their philanthropy, service, career achievement, spirit and more
Jim Zurcher stands with Chloe Davis, who wears graduation robes

Take Flight

Jim Zurcher used to think he didn’t need a college degree. A lifetime of opportunity — and the Pitt scholarship he created — shows why he changed his mind.
Fall 2023