Editor's Note

Notice Anything Different?

A letter from Pitt Mag’s editor-in-chief

Dear reader,

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of Pitt Magazine’s newest iteration. Readers of the print edition will see a magazine that looks markedly different than the Spring ’23 edition — and our digital readers will likely notice some changes, too. (More changes coming soon to our web presence — watch this space.) Pitt Magazine’s Fall ’23 issue has been redesigned.

This isn’t the first time we’ve rebuilt ourselves, but it has been a while. Pitt Magazine was last redesigned in 2011, and a lot has happened over the past 12 years. The University — as it’s done again and again since 1787 — has evolved and also transformed the world, as the world changed around it. It was time for Pitt Magazine to more fully reflect this progress.

Pitt Magazine's fall 2023 coverOver the past year, our team has been hard at work updating the magazine. We experimented and brainstormed. We held story workshops and dissected designs. And, perhaps most importantly, we learned from the insights of and collaboration with partners across the University and readers like you. Thank you to those who participated in our recent readership survey; your perspectives and critiques helped shape our vision.

Our goal has always been clear: to best represent Pitt as it is today — for you.

Though some things will look different, there’s a lot that hasn’t changed. As ever, we’re focused on bringing you an enthralling and beautiful publication. The stories will still connect you to the most interesting and noteworthy alumni and happenings at Pitt. 

Now, the design has been updated by Executive Creative Director Zach Beresh to match the energy, color and style of the University. Our reporters and editors refreshed and reoriented the editorial approach with an emphasis on telling relevant, timely stories in an engaging way.

And just like the institution it represents, Pitt Magazine will continue to grow and change. As we do, we want to hear from you. Tell us what you think at pittmag@pitt.edu, and don’t forget to tell the alumni community about your latest achievements or life updates by submitting a Class Note to classnotes@pitt.edu.

And if you would like to get Pitt Magazine’s print edition sent to your home, email us at pittmag@pitt.edu for a free subscription.

Forging ahead,

Laura Clark Rohrer

Meet Pitt Mag’s Editorial Team

And read about their favorite parts of the Fall ’23 edition.

The Pitt Magazine editorial teamErvin Dyer (left), senior editor

“I first met social worker Theresa Kaijage (‘Compassion in Action’) more than 20 years ago when she was at Pitt. As she talked of wanting to touch the lives of thousands of Tanzanian s impacted by HIV/AIDS, she also touched mine. Her courage was remarkable then and her story in this issue highlights how her purposeful compassion has strengthened a culture of caring.”

Nora Smith (center left), assistant editor

“After reading April’s feature on Pitt volleyball’s legacy (‘They Came to Play’), I knew I had to take a trip to the Fitzgerald Field House this fall to watch the Panthers dominate on the court. It’s a story that speaks not only to the determination and hard work of generations of student-athletes, but also the effort Pitt inspires in its people.”

Lexi Belculfine (center right), senior director for content strategy

“This summer marked the beginning of a regular social media question series we’re calling #PittAsks. On the back page of the print edition, we highlighted some great answers to our first question, “What advice would you give your first-year self?” Be sure to follow Pitt’s social media accounts and reply each month to our #PittAsks question. You might just see your answer in future editions of Pitt Mag.”

April Johnston (right), deputy editor

“It’s a rare feat to offer a new way of looking at such a well-known and cherished artist, but Dr. Dyer pulls it off in poetic fashion with ‘August Wilson’s World.’ And it includes my favorite phrase in the entire issue: ‘in a huff of teenage obstinance.’ That is gorgeous writing!”


This story was published on September 1, 2023. It is part of Pitt Magazine's Fall '23 issue.