University of Pittsburgh

Winter 2010 Issue

Power in Black and White>

During an era of pervasive segregation, discrimination, and even roadside lynchings, a courageous voice arose to speak the truth about hate and injustice. From a modest office on Pittsburgh’s Centre Avenue, that voice spoke forcefully, thanks to a Pitt-educated publisher and his creative staff, many with University ties.



In a world that faces increasingly complex challenges, some students choose to devote years of their lives to unearthing raw knowledge, the fuel of discovery. Although the path of a PhD student isn’t easy, it’s a rite of passage that stimulates original thinking and novel solutions.

To Serve is To Live>

What if every corporation, every organization, every individual took responsibility for the well-being of the whole community? Pitt alumnus Frances Hesselbein would say, simply, that’s leadership. The University of Pittsburgh is honoring her life’s work by establishing a new student venture to serve this vision of a better world for everyone.

Unspoken Gifts>

What could a young woman on crutches in a faraway nation expect from a world in which she was shunned? The better question, it turns out, is: What could the world expect from her? Veronica Umeasiegbu, a graduate of Pitt’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, is helping women with disabilities take a second look …