University of Pittsburgh

Summer 2009 Issue


On a green hillside beyond an old barn, dozens of Holsteins are out to pasture and wading through knee-deep sweet grass. They wander slowly along the slope, munching their cud….


Invisible Harm>

Under a blistering desert sun, a tank rumbles along, jerking through sand dunes. A Marine is on patrol, not far from his base, in an oven called Iraq. Without warning, a homemade bomb detonates nearby.

Drawing Life>

Several decades ago, the American artist Paul Glabicki was exploring street life in Tokyo, walking around neighborhoods and taking photographs that might later feed his work. During his wanderings, he came upon a flea market full of objects from Japanese life.

The Science of Caring>

“Are you going to die, Mommy?” That was the first question Harriet Legum’s children asked when she came home from the hospital with the diagnosis she had long feared. Breast cancer.