University of Pittsburgh

Spring 2009 Issue

Revealing Art>

For many university students, a night at the opera or a tour through an abstract exhibition can be perplexing. What to wear? When to clap, or laugh, or simply be amazed? Pitt is leading the way in connecting young adults to the enthralling experience of the arts.


Future Perfect>

Pitt’s Swanson School of Engineering is transforming its curriculum, its programs, and even its physical space to help engineers-in-the-making anticipate and improve the planet’s future.

Supreme Decisions>

Complex legal arguments are nothing new, but Pitt professor Kevin Ashley is using a novel method to decipher them.

August Wilson’s CLASS ACT>

One of America’s greatest playwrights, August Wilson, was born within a few miles of the University of Pittsburgh campus. His legacy here continues to stir the souls of students and teachers alike.