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Working Dreams

The doctor is running late. He dashes through the hallway with a prescription in hand, then slips into an examination room. Waiting nearby is a 53-year-old mother who once worked in Walmart as an overnight stocker. Like all of doctor Zane Gates’ patients, she does not have health insurance. Before she was referred to his […]

People Talk

On a spring morning, a purposeful young woman walks briskly along a tree-lined pathway on her way to the Cathedral of Learning. In the early sunlight, the leaves blush like emeralds, turning her thoughts to her native Kuwait, with its palm trees full of dates and its gulf waters sparkling in the sun. Home. That’s […]

Spencer’s Way

A cluster of children surrounds the tall businessman as he turns a key in the door to the brick library in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. The youngsters are eager to get into the Martin Luther King Jr. Reading and Cultural Center. They want to open books, learn about others, and explore new worlds.


The dark-eyed dancer stands expressionless, with arms crossed, peering through the buzz of the arts festival in downtown Pittsburgh. Art sellers and buyers mill around while someone hands out flyers. A man in a suit and sporting a Mohawk moves gracefully past the corner doughnut shop, swinging his suitcase as he goes. No one notices […]

Abundant Life

The sun would rise and so would the petite young cook. She’d slip on her crisp beige uniform, custom-made with pockets and buttons down the front. Then she’d tiptoe quietly from her quarters and walk down a short hill into the small, airy kitchen at Fallingwater. A mythic home tucked in the emerald woods of […]

Enka Man

A skinny 26-year-old with a white do-rag around his head takes the stage. His cap slopes over the right side of his face, at an angle that’s more sweet than street. He wears an oversized shirt and baggy jeans. A silver chain blings from his neck. The music starts and he bounces to the beat […]