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Novel Play

On a muddy lawn between the Cathedral of Learning and Heinz Chapel, 16 Pitt students stand at attention with broomsticks between their legs. “Go!” shouts the captain, and the players storm the muddy field. Bodies and broomsticks clash. The captain—distinguished by his colorful bandana—scoops up a pink volleyball, known as a quaffle. An opposing player, […]


The volleyball arcs over the net, meeting the joined fists of a back-row player. As a setter lofts the ball toward the net, athlete Meagan Dooley tenses. An opposing player goes up for a “kill,” or spike. Dooley and a teammate leap, forming a wall with their hands. With a thunderous pop, the ball is […]

Sword Play

Amid the clatter of blades clashing, a fencer in Trees Hall crosses swords with his opponent. Lunging, he strikes the guard plate that protects his opponent’s hands, and it rings out like a bell. The domineering fencer is Will Romanias, a senior biology major, who just demonstrated the weakness of his partner’s approach. When the […]


The Pitt men’s basketball team made its first appearance in the NCAA Tournament in spring 1974. Fans of the game certainly remember All-American star forward Billy Knight, who carried the top-10 team to a 25-4 finish under legendary coach Charles “Buzz” Ridl. If history were a fair referee, they would also remember the feats of […]


This is not a fight club. Even though the smell of sweat blankets the gym, and a dozen men are power-locked in pairs—one club member is wringing his arm around the neck of another—they’re not really fighting. Oh they’re scuffling to be sure, but this mat room in Trees Hall is a place for friendship, […]

Go Fish

The energetic 19-year-old hurries toward her car, ready to make the drive to a familiar stretch of state parkland. As usual, the car trunk holds a heap of fishing rods, mud-caked hip waders, and yard upon yard of fly line. It is 10:15 a.m., and her morning class at the Pitt-Greensburg campus has just ended. […]