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Best Neighbor

Pitt was named the top public “Best Neighbor” educational institution in the country for its positive relationship with the City of Pittsburgh. Pitt achieved the ranking in the 2009 edition of Saviors of Our Cities: A Survey of Best College and University Civic Partnerships. The survey assessed institutions based on their length of involvement with […]

Hearing History

Listen. Just listen. To the timbre of voices. To the inflections and stutters. To the stories of history, drama, and life told by the people of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community. This is the unique experience offered by a Jewish oral history project recently mounted online through a collaboration between Pitt’s University Library System and the Pittsburgh […]

Science Show

On a reality show broadcast last fall on public television, two teams of high school students competed to solve a science mystery. They conducted laboratory experiments in Pitt’s Department of Biological Sciences and on the Pitt Mobile Science Lab to figure out whether amoebae in the human digestive tract have tastes for specific kinds of […]

Diabetes Doc

Could feeding babies a special milk formula help to prevent the onset of Type I diabetes? Pitt pediatrics professor Dorothy J. Becker is exploring that question as the principal investigator of a 10-year study involving six centers nationwide. A renowned endocrinologist and chief of the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes at Children’s Hospital of UPMC, […]

Earth Moves

A seismic station installed this year at the University’s Allegheny Observatory has revived Pitt’s work in seismology and—as the region’s only seismic station—united Western Pennsylvania with a global network of scientists aiming to better understand the Earth’s structure. The Cathedral of Learning originally housed an earth-floor “seismic vault” equipped with a seismograph, but the antiquated […]

Who Knew, Bamboo?

In 2008, a group of Pitt civil and environmental engineering students took a two-week trip to northeast India. There, they partnered with local engineers and community members to improve building methods in a region that offers engineers plenty of challenges, including frequent earthquakes and landslides. Many of their discussions focused on building with bamboo, a […]

Record Achievement

Pitt’s Mervat Abdelhak has been recognized as a notable educator, leader, and mentor in the field of health information management. She received the Distinguished Member Award from the American Health Information Management Association. She’s chair of the Department of Health Information Management in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Family Medicine, Across Continents

Members of a Zambian research team joined colleagues in the School of Medicine’s Department of Family Medicine for a 2009 dinner held in the home of Robert Hill, Pitt vice chancellor for public affairs. The Zambian researchers were invited to Pittsburgh through a University Center for International Studies and Center for Global Health grant that […]

National Honor

Every year at the University’s opening convocation for freshmen, Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg addresses the sobering topic of alcohol abuse. It’s not a typical part of his interactions with students—he prefers encouraging exploration of their academic passions—but it is, he believes, a necessary one. His attitude toward responsible drinking and his support of numerous antidrinking […]

A Poet’s Life

When Gerald Barrax served in the U.S. Air Force during the 1950s, poetry was his solace and his passion. In his bunk, he would write free verse, sonnets, and other forms of poetry, using The Poet’s Handbook—which he found at a used bookstore—as his guide. Eventually he studied poetry in college and earned his master’s […]

Bartholomae in Bilbao

Professor David Bartholomae is consulting with faculty at the Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao, Spain; writing a philosophy and rhetoric book; and researching Basque novelist Ramiro Pinilla this year. A Pitt professor of English and the Charles Crow Chair, Bartholomae has been teaching or conducting scholarly work with the Spanish university since 1982, when he […]

Music Master

Deane Root, one of the nation’s leading music historians, has been named editor in chief of Oxford University Press’ Grove Music Program, renowned as the largest, most prestigious, and most authoritative single reference work on Western music. Root, who is director of Pitt’s Center for American Music, will select and chair an editorial board to […]

Living History

Pitt Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg and Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Robert Hill hosted a world-premiere screening of a new documentary, Newspaper of Record: The Pittsburgh Courier, 1907-1965, by filmmaker and Pitt alumnus Kenneth Love (A&S ‘71). The by-invitation event served as Pitt’s 2010 K. Leroy Irvis Black History Month Program and was attended by […]

On Camera, Unexpectedly

Juggling a six-foot long microphone cord, cables, and a camera, four Pitt students film a busy laboratory at Compunetix in Monroeville, Pa. One student balances the camera on his shoulder and films lab technicians as they show off components of teleconferencing systems they’ve developed. Another holds the cable cords and asks the technicians questions about […]

Women of State

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania honored several Pitt women this year, including a math teacher, a poetry professor, and a bank executive. Michelle Switala, a PhD candidate in the School of Education, was named the 2010 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year. She’s an algebra and calculus teacher at Pine-Richland High School in Gibsonia, Pa. Each year, […]

Technology Kudos

Pitt’s School of Information Sciences has been practicing what it teaches—especially in electronic records management. Wesley Lipschultz, the school’s manager of student services, was honored by the National Academic Advising Association for increasing the efficient use of technology in class registration and records management. He received the 2009 Service to Commission Award from the association’s […]

Remarkable Esteem

The dean of Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health, Donald S. Burke, was elected to the prestigious Institute of Medicine, an independent organization that advises national policymakers on medicine and health care. This honor is bestowed only on those physician-scientists who have made remarkable contributions to the fields of health and medicine. Burke is an […]

Scholarship Abroad

This year, Pitt senior Natalie Arutynov is living with a host family in Tbilisi, Georgia, where she’s interning at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies and studying the Georgian language. Her work is being supported by the National Security Education David L. Boren Scholarship, a competitive scholarship that supports U.S. undergraduate students who […]

Good Word

Pitt elected a new chair of its Board of Trustees this summer. Alumnus Stephen R. Tritch (ENGR ’71, KGSB ’77), a retired CEO and president of the Westinghouse Electric Co., leads the board that oversees University operations. Keep pace with Pitt through Twitter and Facebook. Find out what’s new at PittTweet or Pitt undergraduate […]

Flu Genes

Infectious disease experts in Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health have traced the genetic roots of the H1N1 flu to an illness that sickened pigs at the Cedar Rapids Swine Show in Iowa in 1918. In the 91 years since, the virus has mixed with other flu strains, notably reappearing in human populations at a […]

The Pittsburgh Summit 2009: Pitt and Pittsburgh Welcome the World

Brussels Connection Pitt law student Amelia Mathias spent the past summer in Brussels researching legal directives passed by the European Union, but she didn’t have a chance to meet any of the lawmakers who had roles in creating those documents. Then, the G-20 Summit brought one of those lawmakers—José Manuel Barroso, president of the European […]

Pew Scholar

Pitt professor Jon Boyle’s ongoing investigation into the unique molecular relationship between disease-causing microorganisms and their hosts has earned him the title of 2009 Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences, an honor he shares with previous winners who are now among the nation’s top researchers, including two Nobel laureates. Boyle will receive $240,000 over four years […]

NFL Medicine

When Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger endures a hard tackle during a football game, team physician Anthony Yates is always there to examine him and see whether he’s OK. In fact, Yates, an assistant clinical professor of medicine in Pitt’s School of Medicine, has been looking after the health of Pittsburgh Steelers athletes for more than […]

Presidential Prize

Problems with dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain, are linked to diseases like schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, and drug addiction. Pitt scientist Gonzalo E. Torres focuses his research on learning more about the role that dopamine plays in these illnesses. This fall, his efforts were recognized with the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, an […]

Talk About It

Pitt researcher Sharon Hillier is dedicated to finding ways to prevent the spread of HIV in women, a line of research that often requires her to confront taboo topics. Her daughter, in fact, once told a teacher, “My mom works on the kinds of infections nobody wants to get and nobody wants to talk about.” […]

Reading Honor

Some years ago, a teacher or two taught you how to read the words on this page and expand your vocabulary. Helping students make sense of written English is one of a teacher’s greatest challenges. For more than 40 years, Pitt Professor Emeritus of Education Rita M. Bean has been helping teachers improve their methods […]

Prestige Academy

In the East Room of the White House, a woman reads a quote aloud: “The easier it is for you to imagine walking in someone else’s shoes, the more difficult it then becomes to do that person harm.” A man standing beside her reacts with surprise. “Wow, that’s really profound,” he comments. “Who said that?” […]

Top Doc

For decades, surgeons have fastened replacement ligaments in patients’ injured knees in the same way people hang birthday banners—with one tack on each side. However, many ligaments in the human body are naturally attached with two tacks on each side. Since 2003, Pitt surgeon Freddie H. Fu has been pioneering a surgical method called “double […]

Recruiting Women Soldiers

The ways in which the Army markets itself to recruit female soldiers is the focus of study for Jessica Ghilani (A&S ’02, A&S ’05G), a doctoral candidate in Pitt’s Department of Communication. This year, she won a prestigious fellowship from the American Association of University Women to complete her dissertation, “Selling Soldiering to Consumers: Advertising, […]

A Unique Asset

University of Pittsburgh Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor James V. Maher has announced his intention to leave his administrative position and return to the faculty at the beginning of next academic year or as soon after that as his successor can be in place. The University’s chief academic officer since June 1994, Provost Maher has […]

Mazel Tov!

In the 12th century, a Spanish Jewish philosopher wrote a treatise called The Kuzari that defended Judaic tenets and practices. The text has since shaped the practice and thought of Judaism in various ways. In a new book, Pitt’s Adam Shear, an assistant professor of religious studies, traces how viewpoints of The Kuzari have changed […]

Forging a Link

The automotive industry, financial industry, and other industries that are severely struggling in the global economic crisis have been closely studied for decades by hundreds of scholars across the country. Many scholars are eager to help and exchange ideas. To create a bridge between scholars, industry, and government officials, Pitt economics professor Frank Giarratani founded […]

Good Research

The 2008 Russian presidential election, sex chromosomes in wild strawberries, and quantum mechanics in theater were all topics of research for Pitt undergraduate students who presented at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research this spring in Wisconsin. Ten Pitt students participated in the gathering of budding scholars.

Good Word

If your high school art teacher had jetted to Brazil the summer before you sat in her classroom, the lectures might have been a little more colorful. Pitt coordinated expeditions to Brazil, Egypt, and Ghana for dozens of schoolteachers this summer, thanks to grants from the Fulbright-Hays Foundation. As part of the trips, the participating […]

Good Word

That darn Internet is a handy cat. Pitt Arts sold a record 12,182 tickets through its Cheap Seats Program this year—a 20 percent increase mainly credited to new online ticketing services.

If I Were Andrew Carnegie …

Who would you donate your money to if you were a philanthropist? More than 70 Pitt students have had a chance to answer that question—and donate real money—through the Student Philanthropy Project in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. During the spring semester, the students served as grantmakers, determining how best to invest […]

Essence of Success

In a church basement in Washington, D.C., Cynthia Gordy is part of a small group of reporters at a lunch buffet for the homeless. She types a blog entry on her Blackberry while waiting for the food to be served. The 60 homeless people curiously watch her and the other reporters, who don’t normally show […]

Developmental School

Tiny embryos live in hundreds of trays at laboratories operated by the School of Medicine. As the animal embryos grow, scientists from across the school’s departments spend their days examining them. Although the scientists might be based in the neurobiology, immunology, or pediatric departments, they’re collectively known as developmental biologists because they study how animals […]

Math Master

Parsing out the mathematics of “gravitational perturbations” and “radiating electromagnetic dipoles” are just some of the mind- bending problems that Timothy M. Adamo gets excited about. He wants others to get excited about them, too. This fall the recent Pitt graduate—who earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics, physics, and psychology—will attend the University of Oxford […]

Twin Engines

In Detroit, two recent Pitt graduates tramp across an overgrown lawn, inspecting a house with chipped brick pillars and opaque windows. Inside, they find the lights turned up, a pillowed sofa, and—behind a sheet dividing the living room—three unexpected residents. Everyone stares at each other. No one knows what to say. The Pitt grads, twin […]

Defeating Smallpox

In 1967, D.A. Henderson launched a World Health Organization endeavor to eradicate smallpox, an effort that involved as many as 150,000 workers in 70 nations tracking one of humankind’s deadliest diseases through countries ravaged by floods, famines, and wars. In 1979, two years after the end of that campaign, the virus that had killed many […]

Humanity in Action

Three Pitt students are studying issues of immigration, diversity, and international human- rights doctrines through Humanity in Action fellowships this summer. They’re among 57 students selected from a pool of more than 600 applicants. They are: Sesi Aliu, a sophomore majoring in French and international affairs who is a fellow in Denmark; Daniel Gore, a […]

Security or Privacy?

The tenuous line between what people can keep private and what people must reveal for national security purposes is tricky to draw. This spring, Pitt alumna Mary Ellen Callahan (A&S ’90) was appointed chief privacy officer with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to manage how the department addresses public versus private issues. An attorney, […]

Man of Distinction

Acclaimed inventor, business founder, and Pitt alumnus John A. Swanson was named to the National Academy of Engineering this spring, among the highest professional distinctions an engineer can receive. The academy provides advisory services to the federal government. Swanson—also a Pitt trustee—was recognized by the academy for his development of the ANSYS program, a software […]


She flew cross-country, from Florida to California, while chasing a space shuttle. He investigated a mycobacteriophage to learn how it infects bacteria. Both earned one of the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships in the nation. This spring, Honors College students Elizabeth Oczypok and Andrew Savinov received Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships for their academic and research-based successes. […]

Song of Friendship

At a concert hall in Beijing, the director of Pitt’s Heinz Chapel Choir raised his arms and gave the first cues for “Fengyang Song,” a Chinese folk tune. The choir breathed in and sang in Mandarin. Immediately, the audience recognized the tune and applauded vigorously. The choir, unaccustomed to hearing clapping during the middle of […]

Fast and Fabulous

This was a whirlwind spring for Pitt’s All-America guard, Shavonte Zellous, who helped lead the women’s basketball team to national prominence in recent years, with a first-ever national Sweet 16 appearance in 2008 and another in 2009. Zellous, who graduated in April, became the first player in Pitt history (men’s or women’s teams) and the […]

Waste Watchers

Pitt’s recycling program diverted nearly 40 percent of the institution’s waste materials from being sent to landfills last year. The University was recognized for these and other related efforts with a 2009 Enviro-Star Award from the Allegheny County Health Department for ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. More than a dozen businesses and institutions […]

Good Word

Pitt restored Oakland’s historic University Club, and this spring opened the site as a membership club. As an on-campus gathering place for faculty and staff, the club includes dining areas, conference space, a library, a fitness center, and other amenities. The facility also is open to the community for wedding receptions, banquets, conferences, and other […]


Intelligence and law enforcement agents often use Palantir Government, a software program that helps them to monitor the activities of suspected terrorist groups and to fight cyberterrorism. Pitt students will soon be using the software, too. This year, the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs implemented the technology to train students enrolled in the […]

Music Everywhere

Music scores, audio recordings, letters, and other materials that relate to American music are currently housed in multiple archives around the globe. Pitt’s Center for American Music is leading an effort to link all of these materials in one electronic database. This spring, specialists in music and information technology are convening at Pitt to brainstorm […]

Blue, Gold, and Black

In 1829, a young Black man was admitted to the Western University of Pennsylvania, later renamed the University of Pittsburgh. But in that era, Black students were rare. So, then-Chancellor Robert Bruce—who bowed to student opposition to a Black student in the classroom—devised a plan that allowed the young man to sit on a chair […]

An August Encounter

Once in a lifetime, as a reporter, if you’re lucky, you get a moment that shines brighter than any other. My moment came 12 summers ago when I hopped into a Chevy Lumina with three other people and drove all night to Chicago. A filmmaker, his young apprentice, a reporting intern, and myself—a journalist with […]

Ralph J. Cappy(A&S ’65, LAW ’68)

Chairman, Board of Trustees, University of Pittsburgh Retired Chief Justice of Pennsylvania The following is an excerpt from Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg’s eulogy, delivered at a memorial service celebrating The Honorable Ralph J. Cappy’s life. The service was held on campus at Heinz Memorial Chapel on May 5, 2009. Justice Cappy died on May 1 […]

Keeping the Nation Healthy

Pitt alumnus Lucile L. Adams-Campbell and Pitt professor David H. Perlmutter were each elected to the Institute of Medicine, an elite membership organization and national advisory body on matters of health and science policy. Adams-Campbell (GSPH ’83) is a Georgetown University professor of oncology and the associate director for minority health and health disparities research […]


At 83 years old, medical pioneer Thomas E. Starzl is still conducting research on organ transplantation in his homey office on Fifth Avenue. Lately, he’s been studying the relationship between donor and recipient cells to develop new therapies that will help patients’ immune systems to tolerate new organs. The first surgeon to perform a liver […]

Anthro Scholar

Anthropologists who unearth human remains have long considered that disease and malnutrition retard the skeletal growth of children. But is that really true? Pitt senior Katherine M. MacCord, an anthropology major, conducted independent research at three natural history museums on three separate continents to find out. Her results were surprising: Disease and malnutrition don’t significantly […]

Top Advisor

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the primary federal agency that supports medical research across the country. This spring, Pitt’s Beatriz Luna was appointed to the agency’s Advisory Committee to the Director, a select group of scientists and physicians who help to oversee NIH policy and planning. Luna (A&S ’96G) is on the psychiatry […]

Four Stars

Classroom 3800 in Posvar Hall has been officially dedicated the Robinson Room in honor of the late Roscoe Robinson Jr. (GSPIA ’65), a Pitt alumnus and the first four-star African American general in the U.S. Army.  The classroom showcases photographs and memorabilia from Robinson’s successful military career, including service in the Korean War, the Vietnam […]

Jero! Jero!

Japan’s latest pop sensation, Jero, was named the Best New Artist at the 50th Annual Japan Record Awards this year. Jero, also known as Pitt alumnus Jerome White Jr. (SIS ’03), sings traditional enka songs—one of Japan’s oldest forms of music— while entertaining crowds with his hip-hop gear and dance moves. Check out Pitt Magazine’s […]

Inventions in Green

Two Pitt engineering students slice plywood into pieces, spreading sawdust around a South Oakland basement. They’ve adapted a pool table into a workbench, and their power tools are connected to a slew of extension cords that twist near a washing machine. A radio blares, almost inaudible because of the whirring power tools, as seniors Stephen […]

Hardwood Heroes

The affectionately named Oakland Zoo—one of the planet’s best groups of basketball fans—went wild this season, along with Pitt fans everywhere. The Panthers scored a record 31 wins-5 losses (15-3 Big East) and achieved a consensus Number One national ranking for the first time in school history.  The team also earned Pitt’s first-ever Number One […]


Viruses that infect bacteria are thought to be the most numerous organisms on earth. These microscopic viruses, called bacteriophages, have been the subjects of study for Roger Hendrix, a Pitt professor of biological sciences, for more than 30 years. Not only has he published significant research documenting how bacteriophages act like “spaceships” when transferring harmful […]

A Filming Nature

Some 25 years ago in a Pitt literature class, Jeffrey Sewald read a novel that was set in a South American rainforest. The book, At Play in the Fields of the Lord, made him see the world anew and motivated him to read more novels written by the author, Peter Matthiessen. For more than 50 […]

Good Word

Pitt’s full-time MBA program was ranked the first in the nation for the “best value for the money.” It also was ranked eighth in the world in the same category by London’s Financial Times.

State Kudos

Keeping doctors apprised of advancements in the rapidly changing medical field is a challenging responsibility. During the past decade, pediatrician Catherine D. DeAngelis (MED ’69)—a Pitt alumnus and trustee—has excelled at the task as editor in chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association, the most widely circulated medical journal in the world. She’s […]

Pitt’s Neighborhood

Crowds gathered everywhere from Times Square to Los Angeles to Point State Park in recent years to sing “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” for a documentary celebrating the city and people of Pittsburgh. Produced by Pitt faculty member and Hollywood screenwriter Carl Kurlander, My Tale of Two Cities premiered this past fall in honor of […]

Top Ten

Pitt is among the top 10 U.S. university recipients of federal science and engineering research and development funds, according to the National Science Foundation’s annual survey based on figures for fiscal year 2006. The survey was released this past fall. Successful Pitt proposals accounted for nearly $427 million of the $25.4 billion awarded.

Democracy Pitt-Style

During the 2008 Democratic National Convention, several Pitt people sat among thousands in the night darkness of the Rockies, not far from Denver. On a 20-foot screen framed by soaring sandstone boulders, a short documentary about civil rights activists played. The Pitt viewers had already seen the video—they helped to produce it for the evening’s […]

Good Word

Pitt hosted its largest-ever career fair in the Petersen Events Center last fall. To jump-start their careers, nearly 3,000 students met with some 237 employers from all 50 states.

Words of Praise

But you know this story about the galoshes Is really About Your Life, so, like a diver climbing over the side of a boat and down Into the ocean, you climb, sentence By sentence, into this story on the page Pitt English professor Lynn Emanuel wrote these words in “Like God,” a poem about being […]

Investing Wisely?

Buyer beware. Given today’s chaotic financial environment, the results of a study by Pitt researcher J. Jeffrey Inman and colleagues provide cautionary information for investors in the future. The study, “Saving for Retirement: The Effects of Fund Assortment Size and Investor Knowledge on Asset Allocation Strategies,” published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs, shows that […]

Healthy Cause

At health clinics in rural India, student Supriya Kumar spent her summer listening to ideas and suggestions from employees of an Indian government health care program. A student in Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health, she analyzed the collective responses and then made recommendations on ways to improve the system. Her research trip was partially […]

A Jewel Box of Color, Still

Sunlight passes through the varicolored lancet windows of Pitt’s Heinz Memorial Chapel despite the bitter wind outside, and it saturates the chapel with blue. An organist practices, and the music swells from the chancel into the nave, upward toward the arches. Seventy years after the chapel’s dedication on Nov. 20, 1938, its innate tranquility and […]

Patent Power

Innovation is a daily pursuit at the University. This year, faculty filed 100 patent applications. The Office of Technology Management also helped to launch three companies that are producing medical tools invented at Pitt.

National Medal of Science

In the early 1970s, scientists began speculating about a kind of molecule that helps hormones regulate which genes in the body are turned on or off. Yet only in the past decade did technology evolve to allow researchers to identify the mysterious molecules. Now known as coactivators, these elusive molecules might underlie a wide range […]

Time to Lead

Ever wonder how computers know what time it is? Many of them request the time of day from the nation’s Internet Time Service, which gets about 30,000 hits per second, all day long. Operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the time service is one of many ways that the institute helps to […]

Library Aid

When Pitt librarians heard about the earthquake in China last May, they immediately sent e-mails to Chinese colleagues to find out whether they were safe. Pitt’s University Library System (ULS) regularly collaborates with Chinese libraries through the China Gateway project, which helps Chinese and American scholars exchange research articles and ideas. Although more than 67,000 […]


A team of Pitt scientists is developing a drug that could heal people who’ve been affected by too much radiation. This past fall, the team received a $2.7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority to conduct clinical trials of the drug, named JP4-039. “Currently, […]

Happy 40th!

At a large table in the William Pitt Union, several generations of Black Action Society (BAS) members share stories about their Pitt experiences. They recall what it felt like to be a Black collegian in the ’60s, ’70s, and more recently. The same question hangs in the air: Was Pitt different for you than it […]

Fair Play

A catchy video called “Internet People” spoofs other Internet videos that have been popular during the past few years—like the clip of a television reporter falling off a platform in a grape-squishing event. Is it legal for the creators of “Internet People” to pull material from other videos and from television cartoons like South Park? […]

Pitt Men’s Study is 25

This year, the Graduate School of Public Health celebrates the 25th anniversary of its Pitt Men’s Study, one of the longest-running studies of HIV and AIDS. Since 1983, more than 3,800 Pittsburgh men have vol- unteered for the project, which has helped to change AIDS from a rapid death sentence to a chronic and manageable […]

The Big Book of Social Work

As societal conditions and policies have changed dramatically in recent years, so has the standard reference publication for social work practitioners. The updated and expanded 20th edition of the Encyclopedia of Social Work (NASW Press and Oxford University Press) was coedited by Pitt’s Larry Davis, Donald M. Henderson Professor, dean of the School of Social […]

Top Surgeon

Not so long ago, patients who underwent liver surgery ended up with long scars zipping across their bellies. Now, thanks to physician-scientists like David Geller, Pitt’s Richard L. Simmons Professor of Surgery, some patients are being treated through minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical techniques that leave scars small enough to be covered by Band-Aids. Geller, a […]

Happy 40th!

At a large table in the William Pitt Union, several generations of Black Action Society (BAS) members share stories about their Pitt experiences. They recall what it felt like to be a Black collegian in the ’60s, ’70s, and more recently. The same question hangs in the air: Was Pitt different for you than it […]

Welsh Wonder

The Welsh Nationality Room opened in the Cathedral of Learning this summer. The new classroom is patterned after the Penrhiw Chapel, an 18th-century Nonconformist chapel at St. Fagans National History Museum in Cardiff, Wales. Chapels were the centers of village social life and the sites where people learned to read and write in rural 18th-century […]

Healing Wounds

Top research being conducted at Pitt’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine offers new wound-healing possibilities, such as regrowing injured tissue to heal damaged organs and limbs. The institute has been selected by the national Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine as one of the leaders of a national $85 million program to develop new treatments […]

Smart Honors

The American Academy of Nursing has named Pitt doctoral student Grace Campbell (SOC WK ’85, NURS ’94) one of 15 predoctoral fellows to receive a John A. Hartford Foundation scholarship covering tuition and fees of up to $50,000 a year for two years to support doctoral and career training in academic geriatric nursing. Campbell is […]

Prescriptions for Success

Pharmacy students across the country can now pop in their ear buds and listen to insightful podcasts created by Pitt students. School of Pharmacy students have been conducting monthly interviews with leaders in the pharmaceutical profession about what it’s like to work in the field. Many of the experts have offered advice to the pharmacists-in-training. […]

Hosta Host

Beneath the fountain-like splays of 600 hosta plants in a new garden bordering the Cathedral of Learning near the Fifth Avenue entrance, curious passersby can find placards identifying the names of the plant varieties. There’s “Lime Piecrust,” a pale-green hosta the color of a tween’s backpack; “Lakeside Coal Miner,” a blue-green hosta with wavy leaf-lines; […]

What Price Fame?

Despondent and frustrated, a once-celebrated artist desperately seeks to regain his early fame, which has been tarnished by his own egocentric and erratic misbehavior. The artist hires an unknown actor to pose as the creator of his paintings, hoping unsuspecting art dealers will buy the work and thereby sanction the art’s value and restore the […]

Good Word

Freshman Brandon Hang, a trombonist who is pursuing a pharmacy career, is the winner of the 2008 Pitt/BNY Mellon Jazz Scholarship, a $5,000 tuition prize awarded annually and judged by a panel of nationally recognized jazz musicians. Two Pitt projects—involving enterprise storage solutions and guest wireless computing access—were named laureates by the international magazine Computerworld’s […]

Rise Time

Strapped to the cabin floor to prevent them from floating away, four Pitt engineers conducted aerospace research aboard a NASA C-9 aircraft this summer. While the jet plunged in zero-gravity dives above the Gulf of Mexico one morning, John Bennewitz turned a crank to pump water through a network of tubes. “Six, seven, eight …” […]

Super Man

At center court, Tom Starzl tosses a basketball toward the gym ceiling. On either side of him, two young athletes go for the ball. The games have begun. That was how Starzl, Pitt’s internationally renowned transplant surgeon, officially opened the U.S. Transplant Games in Pittsburgh this summer. The Olympic-style event drew more than 1,300 organ-transplant […]