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Brain Teaser

Physician Caterina Rosano walks toward Fifth and Bellefield avenues on her way to work. As she approaches the corner, the pedestrian walk-light is blinking “go,” yet she observes an elderly woman hesitating to cross. It’s raining, and the woman juggles an umbrella in one hand and her purse in the other. Rosano is hardly inconspicuous […]

Machine Biology

An ant crawls stealthily across the kitchen counter, quickly descending into the sink in a hunt for food. The foray pays off with the discovery of a coffee teaspoon still dripping with cream and sugar. After a furtive taste of the sweet stuff, the ant speedily returns to its colony. Soon, fellow ants follow a […]

Unspoken Gifts

What could a young woman on crutches in a faraway nation expect from a world in which she was shunned? The better question, it turns out, is: What could the world expect from her? Veronica Umeasiegbu, a graduate of Pitt’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, is helping women with disabilities take a second look …

Power in Black and White

During an era of pervasive segregation, discrimination, and even roadside lynchings, a courageous voice arose to speak the truth about hate and injustice. From a modest office on Pittsburgh’s Centre Avenue, that voice spoke forcefully, thanks to a Pitt-educated publisher and his creative staff, many with University ties.

To Serve is To Live

What if every corporation, every organization, every individual took responsibility for the well-being of the whole community? Pitt alumnus Frances Hesselbein would say, simply, that’s leadership. The University of Pittsburgh is honoring her life’s work by establishing a new student venture to serve this vision of a better world for everyone.


In a world that faces increasingly complex challenges, some students choose to devote years of their lives to unearthing raw knowledge, the fuel of discovery. Although the path of a PhD student isn’t easy, it’s a rite of passage that stimulates original thinking and novel solutions.


On a neighborhood hillside in Pittsburgh sits a mysterious building with three bright domes and a roof that opens to the night sky. Pitt alumnus Dan Handley is fascinated by the University’s Allegheny Observatory, and he wants to share its fabled story and its modern sciencemaking with, well, everyone.

The History of the World … Really

An undergraduate chemistry major couldn’t ignore the tug of history, roused by his own youthful home life filled with art, labor philosophy, Afro-Latin rhythms, and the powerful ideas of far-away freedom fighters. The student, Patrick Manning, moved beyond chemistry to lead Pitt’s new World History Center.

Making IT Work

The newly minted MBA graduate takes a job working for a large commercial bank in Houston, Texas. She’s quickly bored by the mindless numbers crunching and sea of paperwork. But she’s fascinated by workplace behaviors. The bank isn’t the static environment she expected. Instead, individuals continually reshape their jobs, and the work, in turn, shapes […]

Able Hands

A retired Air Force sergeant from Augusta, Ga., never expected to make history, especially in a Pittsburgh operating room. But, earlier this year, he and a surgical team led by Pitt’s W.P. Andrew Lee showed the nation what’s possible—and what’s ahead—in transplantation science.

The Science of Caring

“Are you going to die, Mommy?” That was the first question Harriet Legum’s children asked when she came home from the hospital with the diagnosis she had long feared. Breast cancer.


On a green hillside beyond an old barn, dozens of Holsteins are out to pasture and wading through knee-deep sweet grass. They wander slowly along the slope, munching their cud….

Drawing Life

Several decades ago, the American artist Paul Glabicki was exploring street life in Tokyo, walking around neighborhoods and taking photographs that might later feed his work. During his wanderings, he came upon a flea market full of objects from Japanese life.

Invisible Harm

Under a blistering desert sun, a tank rumbles along, jerking through sand dunes. A Marine is on patrol, not far from his base, in an oven called Iraq. Without warning, a homemade bomb detonates nearby.

Supreme Decisions

Complex legal arguments are nothing new, but Pitt professor Kevin Ashley is using a novel method to decipher them.

Revealing Art

For many university students, a night at the opera or a tour through an abstract exhibition can be perplexing. What to wear? When to clap, or laugh, or simply be amazed? Pitt is leading the way in connecting young adults to the enthralling experience of the arts.

August Wilson’s CLASS ACT

One of America’s greatest playwrights, August Wilson, was born within a few miles of the University of Pittsburgh campus. His legacy here continues to stir the souls of students and teachers alike.

Future Perfect

Pitt’s Swanson School of Engineering is transforming its curriculum, its programs, and even its physical space to help engineers-in-the-making anticipate and improve the planet’s future.

Generation Next

His Google calendar overflows with activities. His cell phone is the command center of a thriving social hub. He handles a full academic schedule while also working. He volunteers for good causes, belongs to multiple campus clubs, and he’s optimistic about the future. Ladimir Geake, Class of 2012, also is a great example of today’s university and undergraduates—just ask his friends.

Phenomenal Women

In tribute to the exceptional accomplishments of sisters Stella and Margaret Stein—the University’s first women graduates—Pitt Magazine salutes a contemporary cross-section of accomplished University of Pittsburgh women who showcase the enterprising spirit and distinctive achievements of Pitt women through the ages.

Free at Last?

Two years ago, a single misplaced page from an 1816 property book led to the discovery of a lost chapter in Western Pennsylvania history. It’s a fragment of the past that sheds light on slavery in our nation and the messy struggle toward freedom for African Americans. Now, a compelling exhibition by the University of Pittsburgh in partnership with the Senator John Heinz History Center brings that lost chapter to life.

Labor of Love

John Wallace in Pitt’s School of Social Work combines his roles as professor, researcher, and spiritual leader to help address a national problem: the endangered future of many inner-city young Black men.

Proving Ground

Alumnus Nitin Madhav doesn’t merely have a career—he has a mighty calling. As Pitt’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs celebrates its 50th anniversary, Madhav exerts his positive influence around the world, even in the most dangerous settings.

Super Models

Pitt researchers are using the power of multiple computers and mathematical algorithms to reveal and predict “unseen” processes in chemistry, medicine, engineering, public health, and more.

Class Effort

Pitt’s Lauren Resnick and an array of researchers at a pioneering University center are working to understand—then apply—the mechanics of learning. The results give hope to all students, including those who’ve fallen behind.