University of Pittsburgh

Fall 2009 Issue

The History of the World … Really>

An undergraduate chemistry major couldn’t ignore the tug of history, roused by his own youthful home life filled with art, labor philosophy, Afro-Latin rhythms, and the powerful ideas of far-away freedom fighters. The student, Patrick Manning, moved beyond chemistry to lead Pitt’s new World History Center.


Making IT Work>

The newly minted MBA graduate takes a job working for a large commercial bank in Houston, Texas. She’s quickly bored by the mindless numbers crunching and sea of paperwork. But she’s fascinated by workplace behaviors. The bank isn’t the static environment she expected. Instead, individuals continually reshape their jobs, and the work, in turn, shapes […]

Able Hands>

A retired Air Force sergeant from Augusta, Ga., never expected to make history, especially in a Pittsburgh operating room. But, earlier this year, he and a surgical team led by Pitt’s W.P. Andrew Lee showed the nation what’s possible—and what’s ahead—in transplantation science.


On a neighborhood hillside in Pittsburgh sits a mysterious building with three bright domes and a roof that opens to the night sky. Pitt alumnus Dan Handley is fascinated by the University’s Allegheny Observatory, and he wants to share its fabled story and its modern sciencemaking with, well, everyone.