University of Pittsburgh

Fall 2008 Issue

Proving Ground>

Alumnus Nitin Madhav doesn’t merely have a career—he has a mighty calling. As Pitt’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs celebrates its 50th anniversary, Madhav exerts his positive influence around the world, even in the most dangerous settings.


Class Effort>

Pitt’s Lauren Resnick and an array of researchers at a pioneering University center are working to understand—then apply—the mechanics of learning. The results give hope to all students, including those who’ve fallen behind.

Super Models>

Pitt researchers are using the power of multiple computers and mathematical algorithms to reveal and predict “unseen” processes in chemistry, medicine, engineering, public health, and more.

Labor of Love>

John Wallace in Pitt’s School of Social Work combines his roles as professor, researcher, and spiritual leader to help address a national problem: the endangered future of many inner-city young Black men.