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Vital Vessels

On a day that falls between the beginning of the annual coffee harvest and the end of the rainy season, a group of Pitt medical students climbs into the bed of a pickup truck in Honduras. From a health clinic in the village of San José del Negrito, they ride into the mountains, where coffee […]

Power in Black and White

During an era of pervasive segregation, discrimination, and even roadside lynchings, a courageous voice arose to speak the truth about hate and injustice. From a modest office on Pittsburgh’s Centre Avenue, that voice spoke forcefully, thanks to a Pitt-educated publisher and his creative staff, many with University ties.

The History of the World … Really

An undergraduate chemistry major couldn’t ignore the tug of history, roused by his own youthful home life filled with art, labor philosophy, Afro-Latin rhythms, and the powerful ideas of far-away freedom fighters. The student, Patrick Manning, moved beyond chemistry to lead Pitt’s new World History Center.


On a green hillside beyond an old barn, dozens of Holsteins are out to pasture and wading through knee-deep sweet grass. They wander slowly along the slope, munching their cud….

Revealing Art

For many university students, a night at the opera or a tour through an abstract exhibition can be perplexing. What to wear? When to clap, or laugh, or simply be amazed? Pitt is leading the way in connecting young adults to the enthralling experience of the arts.

Phenomenal Women

In tribute to the exceptional accomplishments of sisters Stella and Margaret Stein—the University’s first women graduates—Pitt Magazine salutes a contemporary cross-section of accomplished University of Pittsburgh women who showcase the enterprising spirit and distinctive achievements of Pitt women through the ages.

Proving Ground

Alumnus Nitin Madhav doesn’t merely have a career—he has a mighty calling. As Pitt’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs celebrates its 50th anniversary, Madhav exerts his positive influence around the world, even in the most dangerous settings.