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Class Notes

1943 Richard A. Kiman DEN ’43 is an associate professor in New York University’s College of Dentistry. He celebrated his 90th birthday in 2009. 1950 Jack Young CBA ’50 is retired and living in Hilton Head Island, S.C., where he has been writing poetry as a hobby. He recently wrote “Terrible Towel” in memory of […]

Make it Your Own

Legacy Scholarship launches research career Jennifer Humensky was at a loss. Walking through Wimbledon, the London neighborhood where she had lived for a semester as a Pitt undergraduate, she realized that in little more than a decade, it had become nearly unrecognizable. Everything around her was familiar, yet unfamiliar: Buildings had gotten taller. Traffic had […]

On the Lawn, Snow Was Glistening

In a new twist on an old winter pastime, the Internet brought together a crowd of about 200 people—most of  them students—for a weekend snowball fight on the Cathedral of Learning lawn. During a massive Mid-Atlantic snowstorm, Pitt’s Andrew Max—an undergraduate majoring in anthropology and economics—created a Facebook posting for a Pitt Snowball Fight at […]


Pitt Chat

A conversation with Robert Young (EDUC ’09G), the alumni council coordinator in Pitt’s Office of Alumni Relations. He plans events and coordinates activities for multiple alumni councils. Currently, he’s assisting Pitt’s African American Alumni Council with aspects of its $3 million scholarship campaign. Interview by Michelle K. Massie I’ve been passionate . . . about […]

The Business of Success

They were a typical gang of weekend warriors in the mid-1970s, the crew that played pickup basketball on Sunday nights at the old Field House. Some were students, some alumni, and some just friends of a friend. A group of them still hung out with Pitt’s basketball coach at the time, Tim Grgurich (EDUC ’64, […]

Greetings from Mimi

So much is going on at Pitt that it’s hard to keep up with all the news. Recently, alumni who also are faculty and staff members got an update from the chancellor at a luncheon sponsored by the Pitt Alumni Association. About six weeks earlier, the news was surely good at the Meineke Car Care […]

Pro Moves

Only the alert eyes of a New York Jets cornerback show through his face mask as he looks straight ahead at the wide receiver he’s covering on a hot  August day. When the quarterback takes the snap, the wide receiver sprints along the sideline and cornerback Darrelle Revis shadows him. As the pigskin spirals toward them, […]

I Know I Can

On the first day of school, a teacher greets returning students as they file into a classroom and find their seats. The last student to enter, a 14-year-old who speaks only Korean, is not sure where to sit. The teacher guides him to a desk and holds out his hand for a high five. The […]

Professional Touch

In New York City, a teenage chef prepares a Southern-style meal. While she marinates a pork tenderloin, a woman peppers her with questions: “What are you doing now? What recipe are you using? When did you first fall in love with cooking?” The woman asking the questions, Devra Pransky Henderson (A&S ’04), is preparing the […]

The Pitt Alumni Association is changing. Take, for example, our presence at away games this year and the new ways we are acknowledging those who invest in life membership: Life members are now listed on our Web site and have received an exclusive 2010 Life Member calendar. Some things never change, however, like the loyalty […]

Community Stage

At the restored Kelly-Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh, an audience claps and whoops in response to a show that’s being held onstage. Rappers and spoken-word artists spin a colorful game-wheel that’s labeled with challenges to test who has the best “skillz.” The show’s concept was invented in Pittsburgh, and the local community has come out to […]

Pitt Chat

A conversation with Lindsay Hilton Retchless (UPB ’98), the director of alumni relations for the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. At UPB, she majored in business management. While pursuing her degree, Retchless was busy academically and socially: She joined a sorority, was a cheerleader for the basketball team, served as a resident advisor, and worked […]

Gifts of the Season

A Pitt alumnus lives and learns by example As the holidays approach, a busy consultant juggles hectic job demands while also relocating back to her hometown near Harrisburg, Pa. She dashes out, between appointments and house chores, to finish her Christmas shopping. She wants to hold fast to this season, to reminisce, to remember well. […]

Game Day, Every Day

The object is survival. That’s what the pitcher says to himself as he winds up and throws the ball. The pitcher is Shawn Felty, and he’s playing in an alumni softball tournament in metro Washington, D.C. Surprisingly, five weeks before this game, Felty (A&S ’93) was in risky surgery to remove cancerous tumors. Recovery was […]

Fast Track

The runner positions herself on the starting line. To build confidence, she thinks: A hundred meters. Easy. But it has been 20 years since she ran competitively. The gun pops, and she takes off. Seventy meters in, her hamstring kinks, sending jolts of pain down her leg. She pulls up, unable to finish. It’s an […]

Getting There

A Pitt alumnus helps today’s students appreciate the stakes Having just seen his daughter, Margo, graduate from law school in Harrisburg, Pa., attorney Arnold Epstein found himself in the family car zooming along the highway toward Washington, D.C. Sitting beside him, his sister was panicking: “We’ll never get there.” When he first found out that […]

Treasure This Time

Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg (right) greets Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the Pittsburgh campus. President Medvedev was in Pittsburgh for the G-20 economic summit in September. He visited a class in Pitt’s Russian Nationality Room and then moved to the Commons Room, where he took questions from students who were in the larger audience of […]


Every year, the New Jersey Pitt Alumni Club hosts an event for area students who will be starting at Pitt in the fall. This  past August, more than 20 families joined alumni for this sendoff.   The New Jersey Pitt Alumni Club is one of 15 alumni groups that hosted sendoff events for Pitt students this […]

Greetings from Mimi

Freshman sendoff events give our alumni volunteers a chance to welcome students even before they arrive on campus.  Volunteers also get to interact with students at the Pathway to Professions Career Networking Reception that always takes place on the Thursday of Homecoming. If you’d like to volunteer, have a look at our Web site for […]

Class Notes

1940, 1948, 1951 Three Pitt alumni were inducted into the inaugural class of Pittsburgh’s Allderdice High School Hall of Fame. Bernard Fisher A&S ’40, MED ’43, a Distinguished Service Professor of Surgery at Pitt, was honored for his pioneering accomplishments in developing treatments for breast cancer. Herbert Douglas EDUC ’48, ’50G, a Pitt trustee, was […]

Class Notes

1943 Aldo Icardi A&S ’43, LAW ’48 returned to Pitt in May 2009 for an event commemorating alumni who served during World War II. His book, Aldo Icardi, American Master Spy (Stalwart), published in 1954, recounts some of his espionage encounters during the war. He currently resides in Florida. 1957 Chris DeSalvo ENGR ’57G wrote […]


Thanks to all of you who updated your information for the new alumni directory. We anxiously await December delivery. Don’t wait until then to reconnect with your Pitt pals, though. Homecoming weekend (Oct. 22-25) will be the perfect time to get together. Last year’s inaugural All Pitt Alumni Reunion was a tremendous success. Make sure […]

Pitt Chat

A conversation with Tony Roscoe (SHRS ’99, LAW ’06), a computer software application architect at Highmark in Pittsburgh. A former trumpet player with the Pitt Varsity Marching Band, he remains active with the Band Alumni Council, which he led as president from 2001 to 2006. He also is a Judo athlete with a second-degree black […]

The Thrill of Success

With his campaign for Homecoming King kicking into gear, James Hill had an epiphany: He would win votes by plastering his baby picture all over the Pitt campus. “Who wouldn’t vote for a cute baby?”  says Hill about his plan. He enlisted the aid of his mother, who helped the cause by sending some campaign-worthy […]

Muslim Matters

In the United States, when women wearing headscarves push carts through grocery stores, or raise their hands to ask questions in business classes, or show up at the White House for meetings, other people are sometimes curious about them. Onlookers may wonder why they choose to wear head scarves, or how they view the world […]

Story Seeker

On a leisure trip through the American West, a tourist visits the Museum of the Plains in Browning, Mont. There, while learning about the Plains Indians’ tradition of passing down history and culture through storytelling, he remembers how stories shaped his own understanding of his heritage as the son of Polish and Austrian immigrant parents. […]

Greetings from Mimi

Wyoming … yet another place where Pitt students might study. Though the conditions are rustic at Pitt’s Allen L. Cook Spring Creek Preserve, it attracts students who have inexhaustible curiousity and enthusiasm. The instructors, Delanie Jenkins and Mandela Lyon, are as vibrant as the students. Pitt is amazing in so many ways. And so are […]

Tastebud Travels

On an organic farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand, tourists surround a spice garden and take turns smelling ginger and chili peppers that have been plucked from the soil. Then the farm’s owner asks the group to take the fresh ingredients indoors and position themselves at individual cooking stations. While the farmer directs the guests in […]

Child Care

As Lauren Faulk pushed her volunteer’s cart through the corridors at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh offering water, diapers, and towels to patients and their families, she noticed one child in particular—a toddler stricken with cancer. Faulk has a soft spot for all children, yet this girl stood out: She was extremely ill, and after being […]

It’s the Principal

In a university lab, college students prepare to teach a group of middle-schoolers how robot construction works. But before the collegians can even begin their presentation, their young students pick up electronic parts and deftly assemble some simple robots. The youngsters have an edge: They’ve been using Lego Mindstorms—programmable devices that teach robot design—for months. […]

Class Notes

1954 Nicholas Kayafas CBA ’54, KGSB ’60 has written Welcome to the Poverty Class (RoseDog Books) about the growing problem of unemployment and underemployment. 1958 Bernard J. Berg ENGR ’58 wrote an article in the Allentown, Pa., Morning Call encouraging new graduates to relax as they embark on their postcollege lives. 1961 Edward W. Harbay […]

Greetings from Mimi

The Tanzanian trip was beyond expectations. We were within 10 feet of a feeding bull elephant, saw lions mate, and witnessed thousands of zebras and wildebeests in their perennial migration through the seemingly endless plains of the Serengeti. Photos of our safari are among the photo galleries on our Web site at As always, […]

Blue and Gold, Everywhere

As she waited for her cell cultures to grow, the Pitt biology student decided to kill time by cleaning out a file cabinet. Impressionable and ambitious, Melanie de Souza was spending her summer as an unpaid research assistant at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, gaining experience that she hoped would move her closer toward […]


Staying in touch is so important. We are working with Harris Connect—the company that has provided our online services since 2000—to compile a Universitywide print directory of all alumni. It will be our first since 2001. You’ll want to make sure your information is up to date. If Harris Connect has not contacted you yet […]

What Hollis Knew

Restless and curious as a child can be, Dennis Ranalli was the kind of youngster who liked to tinker. Sitting in a waiting room wasn’t exactly his strong suit. Fortunately, he found a sympathetic mentor in his dentist, Hollis Zwicker, who had a laboratory in the building that housed his office in the working-class Pittsburgh […]


In April, Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg provided a University update to more than 350 alumni who are Pitt employees. The alumni trip to Tanzania amazed its participants.


A native of South Park, Pa., she grew up rooting for Pitt. She also spent a lot of time dancing, starting lessons at age 3. Those steps led her to the Pitt Dance Team and eventually to her position with the University of Pittsburgh’s athletics department. Today, one of her primary tasks is coordinating fundraising […]

Now and Then

As his final semester drew to a close, this University of Pittsburgh senior developed the ability to write term papers in his sleep—even during midday naps. Congratulations to our 2009 graduates! Now, follow your dreams Write to us at: or Pitt Magazine 400 Craig Hall University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Rapid Records

In a modest brick building in lower Manhattan, not far from City Hall, two health care specialists confer about their joint project and biggest job challenge ever. Laura Rosas (CGS ’95, GSPH ’04, LAW ’04), a health care lawyer, and Nicholas Soulakis, an epidemiologist and doctoral student in Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health, are […]


At a spacious, restored Victorian mansion in Pittsburgh’s Friendship area, neighbors and business people gather around a dining-room table to discuss a nearby piece of land. For years, the lot was the site of a dingy tire shop, but recently the property was sold. The people at the table are there to encourage the land’s […]

Greetings from Mimi

Whether or not you were able to join us at the Sun Bowl on Dec. 31 in El Paso, you can see lots more photos of the action at Follow the About Us link and click on Photo Galleries. And be sure to sign up on our site for online services if you haven’t […]

Packaging Care

During the Vietnam War, the Army paratrooper fought alongside fellow soldiers in pitch-black river mud and snake-filled swamps. For dinner, he forced down canned beef, canned bread, and the very unpopular combo of ham and lima beans. He was a soldier in the 101st Airborne Division and part of DET 3—a top-secret intelligence organization that […]

Successful Run

Cheers thunder through the spring air. Baton in hand, the runner catches sight of the finish line and forges ahead, speeding toward the tape in the mile relay at the Intercollegiate American Championship. “It was a very close race,” recalls Dick Doyle (ENGR ’58), who anchored Pitt’s 1957 relay team. “We finished second, by a […]

Italian-Style Enterprise

Ten children scramble around a mock restaurant as they plan a pretend lunch for more than 100 employees at Universal Electric in Lawrence, Pa. They prepare a menu, predict how much food they’ll need down to the last hot dog, and set tables. In the thick of the action, Cindy Iannarelli (KGSB ’83, ’92)—a consultant […]

Class Notes

1949 Elizabeth Lewis ✪ SOC WK ’46G received the Mary Rosa McDonough Award, a distinguished alumni award given by Connecticut’s Saint Joseph College, for her service as a social work practitioner and teacher. She’s professor emeritus of social work at Cleveland State University in Ohio. 1950 John M. Jacecko ✪ A&S ’50, ’51G wrote a […]

Mule Trouble

The six fraternity brothers—five Pi Lams and a Sigma Chi—were in luck. They had just cut through a security fence, at West Point, as well as a second fence where they discovered snoozing guards. Their mission was on target. They’d driven from Pittsburgh to accomplish one goal: Steal the Army mascot—a mule named Poncho stabled […]

Alumni Spirit

One of the great pleasures of this job is working with our volunteer leadership. You’ll read in these pages about three admirable examples. M. Allison Williams is working hard to reconnect alumni through the African American Alumni Council. Jane Allred shares her marketing savvy with us as a member of the Board of Directors. Herb […]

The View From Here

From English literature to international business, this Pitt alum always looks ahead.

Pitt Chat

A conversation with M. Allison Williams (EDUC ’93, ’96G, ’04G),

associate chair of the Department of Physical Education at Grove City College and head coach of the men’s and women’s track and field team there. She’s an energetic member of Pitt’s African American Alumni Council.

Speedy Delivery

During the filming of a public service announcement at a Baltimore children’s museum, one of the actors stops the scene after reading his line on the teleprompter: Children are the most important things in our lives. Wait a minute, he thinks. Something isn’t right. Children are not things. He asks the film crew to change […]

New-Business Swing

With every ticking minute, undergraduate Shanika Brown strategically answers questions on her political science final exam. When she finishes, she will leave Pitt for the summer to apply similar knowledge and skills—not for academic reasons, but for her own small-business venture. Instead of focusing on historical facts and political processes, Brown will hone her decision-making […]

Shanghai Gold

At a General Motors plant in Shanghai, China, a business executive interviews a young Chinese man in his office, the only heated room in the old, Russian-style edifice. As managing director of a new GM business venture, Majdi Abulaban needs to find qualified managers—independent thinkers and problem solvers. Pitt alumnus Abulaban ★ (ENGR ’85) moved […]

Now and Then

The Cathedral of Learning and the Stephen Foster Memorial look especially magical here thanks to a whimsical light display created as part of Pittsburgh’s Festival of Lights to help celebrate the city’s 250th anniversary. This fall and during Homecoming, the buildings were illuminated with colorful designs to represent different aspects of learning. The light projection […]

Glide Time

The lake water churned, and frothy white caps rippled everywhere. Sitting on the unforgiving contour of a tiny bench in a narrow boat on a vast Southern lake, the novice rower was about to discover the frightening side of a newly embraced sport. As a freshman member of the University of Pittsburgh’s crew team, Mark […]


Greetings from Mimi

The Commons Room was a dream in many colors for the Alumni Welcome Back Reception during Homecoming. What a party! If you couldn’t make it, or even if you did, check out the photo galleries of Homecoming events at (follow the “about us” link). Let’s gather again soon! Contact information: The Pitt Alumni Association […]

Community Man

As the plane descends into Pittsburgh International Airport on a soggy night, a recent high school graduate peers through the window and sees a world of smoke and furnace-stoked flames. “It was rainy, it was dark, and all I could see was fire,” recalls Douglas Browning about that night, his freshman-year arrival in Pittsburgh. “I […]

Pitt Career Network

A partnership between Career Services and the Pitt Alumni Association, the Network is a resource for alumni and students seeking career-related insight and advice. Even though he’s a busy producer at CBSNews, Matt Nelko still makes time to help fel-low alumni as a volunteer for the Pitt Career Network. This spring, for instance, Nelko participated […]

Message from Jeff Gleim

Homecoming ’08 was a spectacular affair, from the Pathway to Professions networking reception, to the new Welcome Back Reception in the Cathedral of Learning for all alumni, to Alumni Central before the Homecoming game. At the Pathway to Professions reception on Thursday night, more than 300 alumni and students noshed and networked in Alumni Hall. […]

Pitt Chat

A conversation with Dolly Ellenberg (A&S ’73), vice president for development, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh; a former board member of Pitt’s Alumni Leadership Council Association; and a Life Member of the alumni association. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature in the School of Arts and Sciences. Coming from a family of educators, she […]

Class Notes

1949 John J. Szczur ENGR ’49 was appointed by President George W. Bush to serve on the Advisory Committee of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. He’s director of investments for the Central Pension Fund of the International Union of Operating Engineers and Participating Employers in Washington, D.C. 1954 Jerry Florman PHARM ’54 swam across the […]