In the Lead

Nelson Mandela once said, “A good head and a good heart are a formidable combination.” Pitt helps its students gain the tools they need to excel —but the “good heart” is all theirs. Meet a few of the University’s many change-makers.
Monica Ruiz, right, with a client

Casa Community

When unprecedented hardship struck Pittsburgh's Latino population, Pitt alumna Monica Ruiz took action.
Jim Withers with backpack and stethoscope, ready to practice street medicine

Doctor's Orders

Ensuring that the vulnerable and isolated get medical care is as important as ever. Enter Jim Withers and his team.
illustration of the novel coronavirus, with spike proteins readily visible
Extra Credit

Emergency Response

A vaccine developed at Pitt could come to the rescue once again.
Amira McLemore Wolfson

Moved to Act

A Pitt School of Education graduate student seizes on the school’s mission to encourage action in pursuit of building a more just society.
Leonard Berenfield, right, with wife Ann Gelke Berenfield

Outside the Lines

Leonard Berenfield gave Pitt students the opportunity to unite across differences.
Timothy Grebeck
Pitt Chat

Speak Out

Timothy Grebeck has a message to share about life with an autism spectrum disorder. He's taking it to audiences in boardrooms, classrooms and beyond.
With the plaster cast of a patient’s residual limb held in place on her work bench, Caulfield files the surface smooth.

Body of Work

Without prosthetic limbs, many amputees wouldn’t be able to do the most routine of tasks. At Pitt, student prosthetists are learning to make nearly anything possible for their future patients.
Divya Nawale

Earth Wise

With her Pitt training, Divya Nawale is helping entire countries take on climate change.
Gloved-hand forming heart

Nursing the Nurses

A Pitt alumna puts her research into action during a global pandemic.
Douglas "Mothusi" Guy with residents of Witsand

Helping Out

In South Africa, an alumnus seeks solutions to some of COVID-19's challenges.
Abbas “Bobby” Quamar

Flight Diverted

An in-air accident leads a Pitt alumnus to change course.
Raees Khan in his bedroom turned classroom

Remote Possibilities

With the spring semester hanging in the balance, there was no choice other than to take a whole new approach to learning and to campus life.
Paper people hold hands

Look, Listen, Read

Black members of the Pitt community recommend books, music and more that can help build bridges of understanding and spur action toward equity.
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