Against the Odds

High achievers must often overcome significant obstacles on their way to success, no matter the field. But Pitt alumna Elayne Arrington—like other Black women in STEM before her—encountered more than her fair share. But in the fight to meet her potential, she found the right formula for staying determined and opening doors for those rising up behind her.
2020-10-09 00:00:00
Felipe Suntaxi, holding a 3D model of vertebrae, watercolor illustration that plays with light and sketching

The Helpers

The coronavirus pandemic has created hardships well beyond essential health care. But, near and far, Pitt’s alumni—as illustrated in these five stories—are doing all they can to make a difference in distinct and inspiring ways.
Patrick Gallagher wears a Pitt script mask in his Cathedral of Learning office
Pitt Proud

Mission Critical

Chancellor Gallagher on prioritizing safety and success in “a strange new world.”
Avocet Greenwell, wearing a yellow coat, plaid shirt, a backpack, dangle earrings and jeans, stands on Schenley Bridge with her bike

Into the Unknown

Nothing could have prepared Pitt’s Class of 2020 for what was about to happen just as its members neared graduation. So, what do you do when a pandemic brings job searches, not to mention the world, to a halt? The University has some ideas—and a whole lot of resources.
grayscale image of Lauren Russell

Lift Every Voice

In examining her ancestry, a poet finds the voices history has silenced.
Monica Ruiz, right, with a client

Casa Community

When unprecedented hardship struck Pittsburgh's Latino population, Pitt alumna Monica Ruiz took action.
Shan Bagby's official U.S. Army portrait

Oral History

The chief dental officer for the U.S. Army shares some of the wisdom he learned at Pitt.
Omolara Oni and Aisha Shettima in front of steps in Heinz Memorial Chapel

Guiding Light

Three generations of Pitt women pass on the Light of Learning.
Brian Gahan (front row, first on right) and his team of reservists and local first responders
Web Exclusive

Always Ready

A Pitt alumnus answered the call to fight COVID-19, one test at a time.
Fall 2020