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Alumni Notebook

Ghost Story

A distinguished-looking gentleman has been seen wandering the corridors of the building once known as the Masonic Temple. Always dressed in a black tuxedo, he frequently emerges from shadowy corners and silently creeps through the stairwells.

Rumors abound that he is the spirit of an old, lost Mason. Apparently, the poor soul lurks unwittingly in a building that changed hands from the Masonic Fund Society of Pittsburgh to the University almost a decade ago.

It’s easy to see why the ghost still thinks this is his home. Light fixtures glistening from the ceiling of the lobby are refinished versions of the originals. A vast amount of the building’s woodwork was refurbished and stained a rich brown. The University even found a way to preserve 120 sets of doors from the temple.

W. Edward Sell, a law professor at the University and a Mason for more than half a century, found himself impressed with the refurbishment. So impressed, in fact, that shortly after the $16 million overhaul was completed, Sell helped coordinate a reception in the building to showcase the renovations. He knew the area’s Masons would be impressed, too. And they were.

It’s evident that the University took great pains to preserve the historic integrity of the architecture and original design of the building. Sell is unable to speculate, though, about how the ghost may feel about the subject. He chuckles a bit when he hears about the Mason’s spirit inhabiting the hall.

“Some of the guys like to joke with me about those things because I’ve been around here so long,” he says in a soft, gentle voice.

Now, the University has made the final change in the decade-long transformation from the Masonic Temple. On February 14, 2002, the Board of Trustees voted to change the name of the building to Alumni Hall in recognition of the many contributions of the alumni to the University.

“It isn’t the Masonic Temple anymore,” he says, noting its replacement—the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center located in the North Hills, just outside of the city.

But don’t talk about relocation to the ghost in the building. He seems very much at home in Alumni Hall.

—Emily Schuler

Seize the Day

Whitney McIntyre
For Whitney McIntyre, college wasn’t simply about earning dual degrees in social work and international development. Her undergraduate career at Pitt reads like a University adventure novel. Singing in the Heinz Chapel Choir for four years. Serving as an election monitor in Bosnia. Taking part in Semester at Sea during her junior year. Vice president of Omicron Delta Kappa honor fraternity her senior year. And her favorite story, getting involved with the Student Government Board.

“It was so funny. It was my second day at Pitt and I went to an SGB meeting. They said they were getting rid of the multicultural council. I raised my hand and said I thought that was a bad idea. They said, ‘Then you run it.’ So I did. I was just a freshman!” she remembers.

It will be part of her legacy. “The Multicultural Council for Student Government is pretty big now,” she says proudly. “It’s really been revitalized.”

Because McIntyre has so many ties at Pitt, she didn’t think twice about taking advantage of the Alumni Association’s new membership program. First-year graduates can join for $20 for their first year, $60 for the first three years, or $500 for a lifetime membership.

Among the many benefits McIntyre can expect are a bimonthly newsletter, other timely publications about the Association and the University, and access to the many Pitt clubs worldwide.

McIntyre’s days in the classroom aren’t totally behind her. She is pursuing an MS in social work and international affairs and plans one day to work in the area of refugee return.

She also hopes to stay active at Pitt, particularly with the Panther Action Shadow program, where a student will follow her around for a day once she has a full-time job. With McIntyre’s knack for cramming in a host of activities, her Pitt shadow had better be ready for a whirlwind time.

—April Artz

Koral’s Korner

 Mimi Koral, CAS '75
Director of Alumni
Bravo Performance

The crowd was ready to be forgiving at the Pitt Symphonic Band’s Chancellor’s Concert on the evening of April 6. The parents of the band members attending were not prepared for the professionalism demonstrated that night. From Sousa’s rousing Jack Tar March to David Holsinger’s sublime Liturgical Dances, band director Jack R. Anderson (CAS ’70) demonstrated once again what wonderful music can be coaxed from 63 undergraduates (only three music majors among them).

Lawrence Kaplan (LAW ’53) was seen tapping his foot on the floor of the Bellefield Hall Auditorium as were Pat Pelkofer (KGSB ’53) (EDU ’48) and spouse Cletus (MD ’50). Bebe Miller (CAS ’50) (MD ’55) and wife Gwen (EDU ’83) nabbed front-row balcony seats as did Bill Cully (CAS ’49) and wife Nancy, along with Jim Duratz, and Roger Glunt (KGSB ’60) and wife Lee. Also spotted on the balcony swaying to the music were Trinka Reed (CAS ’71) (LAW ’74) (SLIS ’75) and her husband Tim (LAW ’74).

Joe Mills, Frank Bolden,
and Jack Anderson
Frank Bolden (EDU ’34) was awarded the Pitt Band Alumni of Distinction Award. Band Alumni Council President Joe Mills (CBA ’99) gave a special award to Joe Brandt (CAS ’82) and wife Becky (CAS ’88) in recognition for their long service to the band. Lou Rusiski (ENG ’71) was on hand in a tuxedo to see that all went smoothly.

Other band alums seen were Ed Johnston (ENG ’67) and wife Marge (EDU ’69), Aldo Zini (ENG ’75) and wife Kathy (NURS ’77), Byron Harriger (EDU ’57) and wife Virginia, Ryan Minster (CAS ’98), and Heather McNiesh. Also there were newlyweds Jim Fawcett and Tricia (CAS ’00) (EDU ’71), seen with Tricia’s parents Jay Irrgang (SHRP ’77) (EDU ’99) and Patty (CAS ’77) (FAS ’01) and Alex and Bonnie Alspach (SHRP ’96), Clayton Hartman, Eric Gernert (CAS ’83) (SLIS ’89), and Bill Gernert (KGSB ’63) (ENG ’52).
Jim Kirkwood (PHARM ’65) and wife Nancy were there with young son, Colin, in tow; as were Marjorie Miller (NURS ’94), Mel Orange (EDU ’93), Jim Bliel, Joe Schulteis, and Thomas Nixon (KGSB ’56). Music lovers Bob Yowan (ENG ’49), his wife Betty, and Jim and Vera Hayes were in attendance.

 Clayton Hartman (left) receiving the
Silver Baton Award from Lou Rusiski
At the Pitt Alumni Association Members-Only Reception in Alumni Hall after the event, Karl Jackson (CAS ’53) was in evidence as were Walter Zuck (CAS ’55) (MD ’59) and his wife Mary, Joe Uhrinek (PHAR ’88), and Ellen Nastase (PHAR ’87). Association life member Douglas Marvin (EDU ’72) was accompanied by wife, Angela, and daughter, life member Mariangela Marvin Peters (ENG ’97).If you would like to know more about events open to alumni on all of Pitt’s campuses, visit and follow the link to the calendar. Wonderful lectures, music, and theatre await.

Officers: President Eva Blum (Law ’73, Arts and Sciences ’70), PNC Bank President-Elect Keith E. Schaefer (Arts and Sciences ’71), Liquid Thinking First Vice-President F. James McCarl (College of General Studies ’73), McCarl’s Inc. Second Vice-President Charles E. Copeland (Medicine’58, Arts and Sciences ’54), Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh Secretary Mary Ellen Callahan (Arts and Sciences ’90), Hogan & Hartson Treasurer S. Jeffrey Kondis (Business ’82, Engineering ’77), Watson Standard Company Immediate Past President Samuel S. Zacharias (Arts and Sciences ’64) Executive Director Leland D. Patouillet, (Education ’00), Alumni Association 1-800-ALU-PITT; Fax: (412) 624-8248;

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