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Sugar Management

I am writing in response to the article about diabetes (“Sugar Boom,” June 2001). I found it very interesting because I have type I diabetes. I could relate very well to what Donna Reed has experienced with her diabetes.

The article was very informative, but I was surprised that there was no mention about insulin pump therapy. I have been type I diabetic for 25 years. I have been on the insulin pump for one and a half years. It has changed my life immensely. The pump lets a diabetic live a much more normal life. The pump keeps my diabetes under the best control. I would highly recommend it for Donna or any Type I diabetic. I encourage all diabetics to seek a good endocrinologist. Diabetes is a 24-hour disease. But with all the research and technology, it is much more manageable.

I too have a wonderful husband who has supported me with my disease for the last 25 years. Everyone needs that understanding and support. I am glad for articles like the one that appeared in Pitt Magazine. I am proud of the University of Pittsburgh for the work and research it does for diabetes.

Susan Kujan
Dental Medicine ’70
Queensbury, New York

Club Talk

As an avid juggler and amateur radio enthusiast, I enjoyed the article (“Flaming Passions”) in the June 2001 issue of Pitt Magazine tremendously. I had to fire up and juggle my torches and manipulate my fire devil sticks shortly after reading that issue (not at the same time, though!).

When I was at Pitt in the late ’70s, I was a member of the Pitt Judo Club, but I do not recall Pitt having a juggling club back then. How long has the juggling club been on campus? If I remember correctly, the amateur radio club was located on an upper floor of the student union building back in the late ’70s. Thanks.

Russ Kaufman
Arts and Sciences ’79
Owings Mills, Maryland

Editor’s note: The Campus Fools, Pitt’s juggling club, formed in 1996.

I have been an active reader of Pitt Magazine for years; during my undergraduate years at Pitt I had the good fortune to become involved in the Men’s Glee Club, the members of which are on your mailing list. I continued reading Pitt Magazine when I returned to Pitt after graduation as a staff member and have always enjoyed the stories involving the staff, faculty, and students at Pitt, especially if the stories involved departments or students I have known.

I particularly enjoyed the story in June’s edition on some of the student activities at Pitt. Even after graduating from Pitt, I have kept in contact with the Pitt Men’s Glee Club, serving as their alumni liaison, assistant director, and unofficial advisor for three years until my workload forced me to take a less active role. Many alumni of the group (we have over 500) asked me repeatedly over my tenure with the club, “Why isn’t the club more visible at Pitt?” It seems these alumni were starving for information on their former club. To that end, we began to become more visible in the University community, the culmination of which was our singing at the final game at Pitt Stadium and our appearance in Pitt’s Discovery Weekend.

Since the club enjoyed a huge amount of success with those endeavors, the current leaders of the club have decided to take the group to even bigger and better things. To that end, the club has formed a committee designed to decide the direction of the group.

What makes this committee special is its composition; it is a blend of the student leaders, staff, faculty, and alumni of the group. I believe it is one of the very few places at Pitt where faculty, staff, and alumni get together to help students with making their university experience as wonderful as it can be.

P.S. Some information on the Glee Club you might find interesting:

• The club is Pitt’s oldest extracurricular activity; founded in 1890 it predates every other music group at Pitt.
• The club is completely student run, excepting musical direction by Pitt faculty member Richard Teaster (a part-time instructor of music).

Jonathan Beckel
Arts and Sciences ’98
Manager, de Groat Laboratory
Department of Pharmacology
School of Medicine

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