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May the best stories win

Pitt Magazine has some good news to report. We were big winners at the District II conference of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education* (CASE), which was held in early February in Toronto, Canada. In the category Best Articles of the Year, CASE awarded us the following:

Gold medal for the March 2001 article, “How Old Is Old?” by Kris B. Mamula, senior editor.

Silver medal for the September 2001 article, “Chips Ahoy,” also by Kris.

Bronze medal for the September 2001 article, “Upward Mobility,” by David R. Eltz, our former associate editor (who is now senior editor of Pitt Med, the School of Medicine magazine).

While we are understandably proud of these awards, we want to hear what you think about our stories, the big ones and the small ones, too. Don’t hold back in letting us know what we’re doing right and what we’re not. You can drop us a line via e-mail or the good old postal service. (We’re not picky.)

Robert Mendelson

The Primanti Brothers Award

Dear Editor,

Regarding page 38 in December’s Pitt Magazine, the Charles Hartwig Award went to the senior athlete who promoted the best interest of Pitt Athletics (now the Blue and Gold Award, I believe). The winner in 1952, as illustrated, is Jack Hardman, who played tennis and swam while at Pitt. V-Day, and I’m guessing here, is Varsity Day, when awardees to the Varsity Walk are recognized. I am a Pitt alum, and have always been interested in the history of my Alma Mater. Thanks for the fine magazine, and Hail to Pitt!

Bruce D. Mountjoy
College of General Studies, ’91
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Editor’s Note: Thanks to everyone who responded to our request for information about what was going on in that classic photo we published last issue. Bruce Mountjoy was the first of the many written responses we received, which means he’s won—as promised—a Primanti Brothers sandwich. For those who lost out, don’t despair. Now there's a chance to win a hot dog and fries from the Original Hot Dog Shop.

No place like home

Dear Editor,

Please let me commend the Pitt Magazine staff on the December 2001 issue of Pitt Magazine. I read most (not all) of the content and found it to be a refreshing mix of well-sculpted information, reports, nostalgia, and just plain verve and elan! It’s typically Pittsburghesque (I was a city resident for 58 years) in that respect and I hope the rhythm and flow continues.

Most interesting stories of Dr. Posvar, Heinz Field and its fans, and stress busting. The reading, en toto, made me feel quite homesick.


John E. Hartman
Business ’48
Venice, Florida

Write on

Dear Editor,

Enjoyed the magazine, fun articles—and of course, I look for any information about my contemporaries such as Bebe Moore Campbell (Education ’71), a successful writer! Just to set the record straight, Professor Monty Culver taught creative writing at Pitt in the 60’s. I’m sure there are other published and equally successful alums from his excellent courses. And didn’t Edwin Peterson also teach writing? We were so lucky to have the wonderful English department then, I’d hate for people to forget Monty Culver and Charles Crow.

Ann Sklute
Arts and Sciences ’68
Education ’70
Half Moon Bay, California


Dear Editor,

The article “Tahk of the Tahn” (in the December 2001 issue) hits home for me. As I am a native of Pittsburgh, I have heard many mispronunciations! I’ve always found it curious that some speak the most drastic form of “Pittsburghese,” while others (as myself) don’t at all. I do enjoy the magazine that you publish, and it is nice for some memories to be refreshed.

Laurie A. Vergato
Arts and Sciences ’96
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania


This spring the doors officially swing open for the College of General Studies’ Center for Nontraditional Student Success. The center—located on the Cathedral of Learning’s fourth-floor—was made possible by a $650,000 gift from F. James McCarl III and family. In 1973, McCarl earned a BA in economics from CGS, not Arts and Sciences, as incorrectly noted in the December issue.

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