March 2001


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for the Weather
It was "déja vu" all over again for me as I actually inhaled every descriptive word of your wonderful Grey Days of Winter editorial ("First Course," December 2000).
Being a transplant from Pittsburgh to southeastern Virginia (25 years), I can truly say I miss the grey days, Forbes Field, Schenley Park, smoke from steelmaking, and all the rest that Pittsburgh had to offer.
Thanks so much for a "Numero Uno" Magazine. May your success be ever continuing.

Dottie Scott
Newport News, Virginia

Many Thanks
The Pitt Magazine coverage of the "Super-duper Supercomputing Center" (December 2000) highlighted its technical competencies, applications, and collaborations. Hurrah for the folks at PSC!
Kudos as well to the bipartisan members of Congress who supported the PSC proposal: Senators Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum and Congressmen Bill Coyne, Ron Klink, Frank Mascara, John Murtha, and Curt Weldon. Congressman Mike Doyle worked especially hard to ensure the competition was fair and open.

Jeanne Stoner
Law ’86
Director, University Department
of Federal Government Relations

Working Lunch
Regarding Michael Issa’s rolling restaurant ("Pita Patter," December 2000): As freshman dental students in 1939, we had our classes in the upper dental building up on the hill. Our anatomy lab was in the rear of the second floor with the windows level with the driveway as the slope of the hill went up toward Pennsylvania Hall, then the medical school. Munsch’s Lunches would park a van outside the windows, and we purchased sandwiches, snacks, and soft drinks, which we happily consumed as we dissected our cadavers. Munsch’s Lunches was in business long before our class and after, and made stops in many parts of Oakland and beyond.
So you can well tell that Mr. Issa and his colleagues were far preceded by the Munsch’s! Thanx for the memory.

Don Levine
Dental Medicine ’43
Clearwater, Forida

Misplaced Paper
As always, I enjoyed the December 2000 issue of Pitt Magazine. I got a chuckle from Paul Lohmeyer’s letter to the editor, partly due to his anecdote about the first offset method issue of The Pitt News. It must have been quite a sight to see most of the paper "stepping out of a cab in a high wind" before disappearing. By the time I was at Pitt in the early ’50s, we were considering this type of structure a misplace modifier. And so it goes.

Valerie Yoswick
Education ’56
Portland, Oregon

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