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September 1996


One sentence mars Tommy Ehrbar's otherwise sensitively written article about Hiroshima, "Dropping a Bombshell" (September 1996).

Ehrbar's comment that "We are all, with the exception of [Naomi] Nakaguchi, American looking, more or less" suggests that a Japanese would not be "American looking, more or less."

This view that only whites are "American looking" is singularly unhelpful when striving to understand the United States' view of Japan during World War II, and its treatment of Japan and Japanese Americans during that period.

That Ehrbar was probably unaware he was advancing this view does not dilute its exclusive character.

Maureen Tighe-Brown
Doctoral candidate, history
Hubbard, Ohio


As I read David E. Jones' letter in the September issue, in which he suggested that Pitt should consider de-emphasizing athletics and concentrate more on academics, I wasn't sure whether to feel stunned at such a suggestion, whether to wonder why we can't have both, or whether to laugh because Mr. Jones was speaking tongue-in-cheek.

I attended Pitt on a Provost Scholarship and am currently in my third year at Pitt law school, so I understand the value of good academics. However, as an alumnus, there is nothing more important to me than Panther football. Like many alumni, Pitt football is by far my strongest link to the University. There is nothing more important for alumni and student pride than a good, big-time football program. To suggest that Pitt should do anything which might hurt one of the most glorious football traditions in the country is ludicrous.

If they would ever consider de-emphasis I would be so incensed and embarassed that there is no doubt in my mind that I would sever all ties to the University.

If anything, Pitt should pour more money into athletics. After all, whether one likes it or not, it's football which truly brings the University community together and instills pride.

Vincent C. Longo
Arts and Sciences '90
Law '97
Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania

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