University of Pittsburgh



The Florence Influence

I’m originally from Brownsville, Pa., and recently sent the Pitt Magazine Web site address to a person in Michigan who is doing research on the Lancaster-Florence families. He was delighted with the article (“The Great Debater,” Summer 2008). My mother and aunt collected clippings from the Brownsville newspapers for a number of years, and they have pictures of Charles Florence when he graduated from high school, plus his father’s obituary. Congratulations on the article. It was very well done.

Hannah Millward Fisher

Associate Librarian

Arizona Health Sciences Library

University of Arizona

Tucson, Ariz.

Great Debater Too

I have been meaning to write and say how impressed I was with the article on Charles Florence titled “The Great Debater” by Ervin Dyer. It was a well-researched and well-written article. In fact, I plan on sending a copy of the article to the historian for Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Antonio F. Holland

Professor of History

Lincoln University

Jefferson City, Mo.

Gas in the Gulf

I am writing regarding Sharon Guynup’s interesting article, which featured Kenneth Jordan’s research involving gas hydrates (“Super Models,” Fall 2008). As a geologist drilling wells in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico, I was delighted to see an article to which I could truly relate. Gas hydrates underlie much of the deep-water Gulf, and they are, indeed, a resource waiting to be tapped when technology catches up.

Michael Price

Arts & Sciences ’68, ’70G

Houston, Texas

Welsh Ways

I enjoyed the blurb about a new Welsh Nationality Room (Front Page, Fall 2008 issue) and quickly located the Web site for Pitt’s famous rooms and sent it to England to a friend of mine who is married to a woman from Wales. He wrote back to describe the Welsh tradition of Eisteddfod [a competitive festival of the arts in literature, music, and performance, which dates to the 12th century]. It is the custom to present the winners in certain categories of the arts with elaborately carved chairs.

Alice P. Snyder

Nursing ’59

State College, Pa.

Good News

Pitt Magazine is one of the best university magazines—and I receive a few from other universities. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and informative.

Linda Simon Scott

Arts & Sciences ’69

Miami, Fla.

Over There

I enjoy reading Pitt Magazine. It is good to learn about the activities and successes of alumni and alumnae. I would also appreciate reading more about the men and women serving our country in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world. They put their lives on the line daily because our nation asks them to do it. More stories about them would be a joy to see.

Henry Wojciechowski

General Studies ’73

Cowansville, Pa.

Proving It

I was so impressed with the cover picture and the cover story and photos in the fall Pitt Magazine. “Proving Ground,” by Cara J. Hayden, was a most informative and well-written article. The story made me very proud to be a Pitt grad and hear what our graduates are doing to promote peace in our world today.

Nancy Marts

Nursing ‘52

Greenville, Pa.

Pitt-Notre Dame Redux

After watching the phenomenal Pitt-Notre Dame football game on Saturday, Nov. 1, 2008, I found some items I had set aside on my desk, including a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about Pitt students celebrating the 1958 Pitt win over Notre Dame. During my senior year in 1958-59, I was part of that celebration. The win, by the way, was by three points—the same as with the 2008 Pitt victory.

Andrew R. Becker

Engineering ’59

Eldersburg, Md.