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Street Scenes

Panther Vision

Kris B. Mamula photo

At the start of the fall term, there was an unexpected treat for Pitt freshmen and their family members as well as returning students, faculty, and staff. Under a tent in the Schenley Quadrangle on Pitt’s Oakland campus, an estimated 4,000 banana splits were served by a host of volunteer scoopers, including, left to right, Patricia D. Kroboth, dean of the School of Pharmacy; Jamie Dixon, men’s basketball head coach; Jerry Cochran, executive vice chancellor; Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg; and Agnus Berenato, women’s basketball head coach. The sweet welcome was in honor of the 100th anniversary of the banana split’s invention by Pitt alumnus David Evans Strickler (PHARM 1906). News of Pitt’s August 25th celebration of National Banana Split Day traveled from New York to Hawaii, thanks to a syndicated Associated Press story on the festivities.

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