University of Pittsburgh

Notes from Novak

When Pitt launched the Building Our Future Together campaign for the University of Pittsburgh, our overarching goal was to aid our students with scholarship support and to provide them with the highest quality education.

Our campaign to date has done just that by increasing scholarship support by more than 104 percent and providing Pitt students with classroom lessons and experiences that are top notch.

One such classroom experience is described in the story on the accompanying page. For decades, Pitt students have learned important historical lessons from a soft-spoken gentleman who lived through the unimaginable horror of being a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. Jack Sittsamer helped bring to light the very real terror that the Holocaust imposed on the lives of millions of innocent people.

The Sittsamer family has joined our effort to ensure that Pitt students will learn from the past. The family, with help from others, created the Sittsamer Fund for Holocaust Studies, which will support Holocaust education by bringing survivors into Pitt’s classrooms so that students can hear these personal stories, which will be preserved for future generations. The fund also will support students involved in related educational projects in future years, as survivors become increasingly scarce.

The newly established Sittsamer Fund reminds us that voices from the past can lead us to a better future. The courage and heart of Jack Sittsamer and other survivors will now have an enduring impact on generations to come.

Hail to Pitt!