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Written by Laura Powers

Just Enough Anxiety: The Hidden Driver of Business Success

For the busy executive, the right amount of uneasiness could be the key to business triumphs. Using clinical psychology, his background as a CEO, and his experience advising corporate leaders, Robert H. Rosen (A&S ’80G,’82G) reveals his know-how in Just Enough Anxiety (Penguin Group). The book provides insights from various CEOs and gives methods to gauge anxiety levels. Bottom line: Rosen offers strategies to better understand the “upside” of anxiety and use it in the workplace to maximize success.

The Baltimore Plot

As President-elect Lincoln’s train rolled to his inauguration, there were rumors of a possible assassination attempt in Baltimore. These suspicions were never fully investigated, until now. Acting as a legal detective, author Michael J. Kline (LAW ’85) explores vintage letters and documents, revealing the treachery that could have changed history. Robert Cochran, Emmy-winning executive director of the TV series 24, optioned film rights to The Baltimore Plot: The First Conspiracy to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln (Westholme Publishing).

Voices of My Comrades

Avoiding gunfire as he runs for safety, the young sailor watches as his ship explodes from bombs dropped on Pearl Harbor. Now, Ensign Wesley P. Craig’s firsthand account—and that of 240 other veterans, including several Pitt alumni—can be read in Voices of My Comrades: America’s Reserve Officers Remember World War II (Fordham University Press). Editor Carol Adele Consavage Kelly (A&S ’53) offers a 1941-45 chronological compilation of stories originally told in The Officer magazine. She pulls from diaries, journals, and memoirs to offer these profiles in courage.

Prospect Hill

Inspired by her great aunt’s stories, author Kimberly Seigh (SOC WK ’87G, UPJ ’98) reveals life in 20th-century Johnstown, Pa., through the fictional Crystal Edelweiss. The story follows the Edelweiss family after the 1889 Johnstown flood as it struggles to stay together and as Crystal transforms herself into an independent 1920s woman. Intended to teach children history while also appealing to adults, Prospect Hill (Publisher Page) offers a glimpse into early Western Pennsylvania life.