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Treasure This Time

Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg (right) greets Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the Pittsburgh campus.

President Medvedev was in Pittsburgh for the G-20 economic summit in September. He visited a class in Pitt’s Russian Nationality Room and then moved to the Commons Room, where he took questions from students who were in the larger audience of several hundred Pitt students, faculty, staff, trustees, and alumni. News media worldwide covered the event.

Among his comments to students was:  “I have had all sorts of experiences in my life: I was a graduate student, a teacher, a lawyer. I worked in business, became a civil servant, worked in the government. Now I am president of a large country, but I can tell you that those years when I was a law student were the happiest years of my life. It [your time in college] is an important foundation for your future lives and should motivate you to seek learning every single day. So, my advice to you is to treasure this time. I envy you.”

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