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On the Lawn, Snow Was Glistening

wade_snowball2In a new twist on an old winter pastime, the Internet brought together a crowd of about 200 people—most of  them students—for a weekend snowball fight on the Cathedral of Learning lawn. During a massive Mid-Atlantic snowstorm, Pitt’s Andrew Max—an undergraduate majoring in anthropology and economics—created a Facebook posting for a Pitt Snowball Fight at 3 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday. The next day, a flurry of responders charged through the snow, flinging white stuff at each other with glee. As reported in The Pitt News: “With the brawl over, chants of ‘P-I-T-T, Let’s Go Pitt!’ soon followed.  Then the crowd melted away.”

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Photograph copyright @Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2010. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission, Bill Wade.