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What Price Fame?

Stimmel (left) and Connelly

Stimmel (left) and Connelly

Despondent and frustrated, a once-celebrated artist desperately seeks to regain his early fame, which has been tarnished by his own egocentric and erratic misbehavior. The artist hires an unknown actor to pose as the creator of his paintings, hoping unsuspecting art dealers will buy the work and thereby sanction the art’s value and restore the artist’s fame. The scheme is chronicled in a documentary produced and directed by Pitt alumnus Jeff Stimmel (A&S ’89) titled The Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly Not for Sale. The film about Pittsburgh-native Chuck Connelly premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival this summer and has been shown on HBO, BBC, and French and German television networks. Paul A. Anderson (A&S ’89) composed and sang songs for the soundtrack, and Joanna Kedzierska Stimmel (A&S ’96G) served as associate producer.